Thursday, July 13, 2006

Majika - Inconsistencies

Last night, the 13th of July, 2006, we were watching Majika… not really by choice, mind you. My wife and kids are watching it, and since there was neither CSI not wrestling on free-tv yesterday, I allowed them. And while I was busy doing something, I can’t help but hear the television and from time to time glance at it.

The scene that is the subject of this essay was the one wherein Argo, the character played by Dennis Trillo, was being asked by the Pater (not sure about the spelling) as to why he backed out on his wedding with Juno, played by Kristina Halili. I am not really sure whether they, appearing to be a council of high priests or elders in the series, would have the right to ask Argo on who he would marry or not. Or why are they so intent on pushing Argo to marry Juno, when she has nothing to do them nor their characters, which by the way appears to be questionable as of this writing.

What caught my attention, and I can’t help but react, was when the character played by Eddie Guiterrez (I don’t know his name in the series) said to Argo – “Dapat na magsama ang dalawang magaling na Salamangka!” (Two good Salamangka-or magicians, should be together!) Apparently convincing Argo to still marry Juno despite his words that it’s Sabina (Angel Locsin) whom he really loves. That dialogue seems to state for a fact that it is a must, if not a tradition, that two good Salamangkas should get married. It’s like they belong to a higher breed of individuals and that they would produce much greater Salamangka, as their children would definitely inherit their combined genes.

I reacted on that because, the statement acknowledges Juno, a woman, as a great Salamangka, but in their culture in the series – woman are not even allowed to learn or practice magic as their duties is to serve their husband and raise their children. And Juno’s character was also despised by the Paters because she was able to fool them for a long time by disguising as a man so she could practice magic and become a Pati (junior high priest?) herself. The only reason why she was able to escape the Pater’s punishment was because she was able to save Eddie Guitierrez and he promised her to give anything that she asked – this was when Juno was not yet discovered as a disguised man. And on the day of her conviction, she asked that she will be forgiven of her sin and still be allowed to be Pati, despite her being a woman.

Despite her being admitted as a Pati, the Pater are still bent on keeping the tradition that only males should be allowed to be a Pati and woman are still not allowed to practice magic or salamangka. This was evident when it was Sabina’s turn to become a Pati too. Yet, here is a Pater – the leader of the Paters at that, acknowledging Juno’s supremacy over other Pati, even the male Patis, just to convince Argo to marry her. Throwing away tradition, consistencies, and definitely logic.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. This isn’t really the first time that I have seen inconsistencies and illogical twists on local telenovelas scripts. And even if how vent are they on claiming that their stories are one hundred percent original, you can definitely see patterns that were copied from foreign films. I guess you’ll definitely agree that Majika has traces of Harry Potter in it. And what about Mulawin? Would you believe it reminded me Star Wars?! Remember Darth Vader’s line? “Luke, I am you father!” Hahaha, I thought only Toy Story can pull that stunt.

And I’m sure we’ll see more inconsistencies, as well as replicas of foreign films on coming telenovelas, as well as movies. In the meantime, continue watching what you love to watch and just forget what I wrote here. I’m sure, just like my wife, you haven’t really noticed the inconsistency that I mentioned here, and even if you did, it may not really matter you.

But as for me, it does!

July 14, 2006
7:18 AM

Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Thread of Hope

When all is lost and your back is against the wall
And all you have is just a thread of hope
Hold on to it… hang on to it…
Because it’s the best that you have.

No matter how low you feel
No matter how hard you’ve been hit
So long as you hold to that thread of hope
All is not really lost

A thread of hope, a tiny thread
Will carry you through the tide
Just hang on and don’t let go
Even it’s just a thread of hope

You will not win if let yourself lose
You will not make it if you lost faith
So even through the greatest of odds
Hang on to that thread of hope.

January 4, 2000
1:51 PM


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