Friday, November 24, 2006

i wish i could write it all here

damned! you think you know me too well to accuse me of such! damned you! you dare talk to me like that when you don't even know me! fuck! even if i write all the unprintables here and throw them all to you, it won't ease the hurt that you caused me.

you think that i like the predicament that i am in?! you really think that i am taking this opportunities that are before me, just because i am in such a state of life? you really believe that i am capitalizing on this?! damned you! you have no idea what pain you have caused.

just when i have thought that i can take it all... just when i thought that i was strong enough to face anything... just when i believe that i can fight it all...

damned you! you've cause me much pain, more than all the pain that i have felt in my entire life. i wish i could write all here... the anguish, the torment, the sufferings that i'm feeling now...

damned you! i just hope you won't have to go through the things that i did... i just hope....

i wish i could say it all here.

nov 24, 2006

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