Thursday, April 30, 2009

May... she comes

Used to be that May was my favorite month of the year, and I got a lot of reasons for doing so. As a kid I always look to it being the time of summer of vacation... a time to fly kites, run under the sun all day, without any worries of doing any homework or waking up early the next day.

Of course, as I grew older the reasons became more meaningful, more meaningful that these childhood joys. Aside from the fact that it is my birthday month (which makes me Taurus, that's why I'm stubborn), May was also the time my wife officially became my girlfriend.

It was in the month of May that she said yes to me, albeit with hesitation. But of course, I proved to her that she doesn't have anything to worry about. I am not a perfect person, but I tried to perfect for my wife.

This year could have been our 23rd year anniversary as lovers.

Then there is the Mother's Day, the time where we give special honor the all the mothers in the world.

Like I said, May used to be my favorite month....

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A blog for Angel

My daughter Angel was creating a new blog in her Friendster account the other day. Not her first blog actually, because she already had one in her old Friendster account which was unfortunately hacked.

When I saw her, I asked if she wants to have a 'real blog' not that a Friendster blog isn't a real one. I was meaning for her to have her own domain, to save her the trouble of thinking about transferring files and blog posts, or worse, starting over again when she comes of age.

Right now (based on her old blog), she really have a poor command of English grammar, she's only 11 years old after all. So what worries me once I create her blog is that those pseudo-English gurus might be hounding over her blog, checking it twice (like they were Santa Clause) and find what they think were lapses.

Honestly, I found out personally that blogging is not really for the faint-hearted. Save from some supportive friends who always push and boost your morale to encourage you to write some more, there are some who comes from nowhere creating havoc in the blogosphere.

Some would pick a line or phrase from your post, expounding it on their blog - which is totally out of context from where it was picked-up, to justify their post and make you look dumb.

Back to Angel's blog, these facts make me think twice whether or not I would create a blog for her. But I don't want her to miss a beautiful experience just because of some stupid paranoia. Maybe I could just be keeping a watch on her blog, and throw all those commentators who 'doesn't have anything better to do' in the river of fire where they will 'burn and gnash their teeth as they cry.'

Sorry, I got carried away... anyway, Angel wants a blog... Angel will get a blog!

But make no mistake about it, Daddy will be keeping a watchful eye.

The blue collar worker

I just know I had to quit my job. It's like I'm a square peg in a round whole. I delivered the goods, modesty aside my outputs has helped the company sales chart have an upward trend, but something was lacking... it's like I don't have a sense of fulfilment despite of my achievements.

The challenge was there, and I'm really up to it. But it's really getting to be routine, so predictable actually. That was then that I decided to quit... no ifs, no buts, it's one-way ticket, and there's no turning back.

The first few days of freedom were liberating, taking my sweet time to eat my breakfast with no deadlines and sale quota to meet. After a while though, I became bored, I still haven't figured out what to do or where to find my passion.

One day, a neighbor asked for my help as she saw jogging around the area. She was having trouble with her faucet. Being the gentleman that I am, I fixed her faucet in no time. She was paying me but I said no, it was my pleasure to help.

But it didn't end there. This kind lady spread the word around, everytime somebody in the neighborhood got some plumbing problem, she would refer me. That's how I got started really... in a humble way. Now, I'm one of the most sought after Memphis Plumber, and with my humble beginning I was able to form my company, American Tech Plumbing.

Now, I found my passion. And I am happy.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Meet Chuchi... the newest member of the family

Meet Chuchi, an 'askal' an ordinary dog. She may not be like one of those expensive dog breeds that we see famous people totting around. But she is special to us, especially to Angel.

Chuchi was given by her classmate and bestfriend who happens to live in the neighborhood. She was just a tiny pup when she came to us, barely out of weaning. We gave her milk during her first days with us. We tried to feed her bread then, but she wouldn't eat it.

She was a timid little dog at first, we thought she will always stay like that. Always lying silently in one corner, very, very lame. We thought she was weak.

As the days passed by, since the excited kids would always play with her (and sometimes I do too), she started getting active. Now, after more than a month of staying with us, she has turned into one frisky, hyper-active little pup.

At times, we would be walking around the house dragging her as she is biting on our pants and wouldn't let go. There are times she would bite the slippers we're wearing, pulling it and once we took it off, she would run away with it.

But what is really most anticipated by the kids is feeding time. During meal time, Chuchi would be staying under the table, waiting for us to be finished. Although there would be times she would jump up, but after we tell her wait, she'll go back under the table.

And when it's her turn to eat, Angel would always be feeding her by hand. Yes, this one spoiled 'askal' would be eating food from Angel's hand as Angel would hand it to her one by one until she finishes everything.

I really have come to love this dog myself, especially with what she brought to the family. My Angel has someone to show her affection too, aside from having a playmate. Even the two boys have become affectionate because of Chuchi.

Chuchi is a one frisky little dog, she tears the newspaper one day, once the radio dropped off the table because she dragged its cable while she was running inside the house. Sometimes we wonder if she's really an 'askal' because we find her intelligent.

Whatever, we still love her, because she is family.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why would a father want a Chicken Soup for the Soul book for mothers?

I'm sure most of you know the Chicken Soup for the Soul book, and I just found about Dee and her contest where she is giving away two Chicken Soup for the Soul books:

The first one is about Moms and Sons and the second one is about Mothers and Daughters, and I'm writing this post because I want to win both books.

I know what you're thinking, "Why would a father want Chicken Soup for the Soul books for mothers?"

Most of my friends know this, but for those who doesn't, since my wife passed away last year, I have been standing both as father and a mother to my two sons and daughter -- so theoretically speaking, I am qualified to want to have these books.

Seriously though, being a single father, I honestly believe these books would help me rear my children well, especially my daughter who would unfortunately have to grow up without a loving mother to guide her.

Right now, being only eleven years old, I still have no problem. But she will grow up, and that's a fact -- I'm thinking boys, crushes, sleepovers, heartaches... and heaven forbids -- 'monthly period!'

How can I cope? Would we be able to connect to each other and maintain the relationship we have now once I start to be strict on her when it comes to boys?

And what about my sons? You think that them, being boys, I won't have any problems relating them? Guess again.

You know how boys keep things to themselves, and being a man myself, how would I be able to convince them to pour out all those aches, pains and frustrations inside? Things that they could easily open up to their mother... which unfortunately is no longer here.

I know these two books won't really tell me how to do things and be a 'mother' to my kids... but maybe they could give me an idea, a woman's point of view perhaps, or maybe a sound advice coming from a mother to another 'mother.'

Is it still a wonder why I want to win these books?

Monday, April 20, 2009

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Brought to you by PlotDog Press with the Serial Suspense Screenplay "Intervention"

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

From poetry to short story writing

After rediscovering my passion in writing poems, I am now on a journey to write stories... short stories at least.

I am struggling, especially since I have so much writing to do as well real world matters to attend to. But I am determine to test myself to see if I can indeed try to pull this one.

I have managed to inject a few stories in my blogs before, but those were done in leisure time. They may or may not be written, it won't make a difference. I still can post a lot of nonsensical and irrelevant matters on my blog.

But when you have blog like a short stories blog, you really can't post anything in it other than short stories, right? So, when the blog don't get updated... say, for more than a month, you know somebody is not keeping up in his personal challenge.

I am excited, and at the same time pressured. Especially now that I am promoting it in almost all of my blogs. Perhaps, you may have read the other posts too and have grown tired of reading the same thing -- just re-worded.

Just leveraging on the existence of my many blogs.

So far, I only have two entries in it... an introductory story, and another one that aims to be a sci-fi with a twist.

But of course, expect it to be filled with more stories of different genre - romance, suspense, real life, action, mystery, humor and more.

And without much further ado, I give you, my Short Stories Blog

See you there!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Getting back to poetry... my real Reflection

My last entry in my Sugar Coated World made me realize one thing -- I need to write poems.

Although the mood of that piece was a dark one, it reminds me of where I came from... of what I am.

I am a self-proclaimed poet before I was a struggling blogger.

Like what I said when I traced how REFLECTIONS started, before there were blogs, url's and PRs -- there were only notebooks, an old reliable blue ink pen, and a lot of pent up emotions.

Those emotions were able to fill up three notebooks of verses of different moods, each one reflecting how I was feeling, what happened or what I saw at the time of writing.

And as I started my fourth REFLECTION early this year, the 11 entries written in it weren't really new, they were old poems that I have written after filling up the third notebook, which were just scattered everywhere. I still don't know if I have missed some, I can't remember.

As I write my latest poem in the notebook, there was a strange feeling... something that I didn't feel when I write on my blogs... but it was familiar... it's something that I have felt before.

I can't recall where I read it... but I do remember it something like...

When everything always fails, look back... trace your steps... trace your beginnings...

it might be a good time to start again...

so I am...

Thursday, April 02, 2009


It's the first week of the fourth month of the year... Yup! It's now the second quarter of the year, I would say, it's income tax season, but since I'm not employed, what do I care?

Obviously, I'm blabbering again... with nothing to say and no particular REFLECTIONS in mind. Honestly, right now as the title suggests, I am pressured.

Pressured about what? A lot of things.

For one, pressured to keep this blog updated and active. I've been at my other blogs and have no problem keeping them updated. After all, I have just to seek for the news, add my thoughts to it, a little humor here, some fire there... and voila! One blog post!

Unfortunately, I can't do that here. At the most is, to relate the news to the things that's happening in my life right now... hmmm, there's a thought.

But that's not reflections. The worst I can do to this blog is pollute it with posts that don't really have anything to do with my reflections... although I admit to doing it... but then again, I really don't get to do it much often lately.

Anyway, I do have a lot of ideas 'in the pipeline' for this blog... lots of things happening lately, I just can't put them into words... I don't know why.

I guess, I blabbered enough... and I think this can already count for a blog post... for the meantime.

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