Sunday, April 26, 2009

The blue collar worker

I just know I had to quit my job. It's like I'm a square peg in a round whole. I delivered the goods, modesty aside my outputs has helped the company sales chart have an upward trend, but something was lacking... it's like I don't have a sense of fulfilment despite of my achievements.

The challenge was there, and I'm really up to it. But it's really getting to be routine, so predictable actually. That was then that I decided to quit... no ifs, no buts, it's one-way ticket, and there's no turning back.

The first few days of freedom were liberating, taking my sweet time to eat my breakfast with no deadlines and sale quota to meet. After a while though, I became bored, I still haven't figured out what to do or where to find my passion.

One day, a neighbor asked for my help as she saw jogging around the area. She was having trouble with her faucet. Being the gentleman that I am, I fixed her faucet in no time. She was paying me but I said no, it was my pleasure to help.

But it didn't end there. This kind lady spread the word around, everytime somebody in the neighborhood got some plumbing problem, she would refer me. That's how I got started really... in a humble way. Now, I'm one of the most sought after Memphis Plumber, and with my humble beginning I was able to form my company, American Tech Plumbing.

Now, I found my passion. And I am happy.

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