Tuesday, March 30, 2010

His name is Edgar Allan

"What's your name?" someone would ask, and he would answer, "Edgar Allan po!"

No, he is not kidding, that's really his name. "Po" however is a Filipino word which denotes respect and is usually added at the end of a statement.

Yes, his name is Edgar Allan, my second son and he turned 15 last Monday, March 29, 2010.

Being a middle child, Edgar should easily be left out - overpowered by an elder brother Ralph, and definitely outcharmed by a younger sister Angel.

But Edgar can more than hold his own. This multi-talented son of mine has been the go-to-guy of Angel and Ralph and when it comes to their drawing needs. I would often run to him when I need help in tuning the guitar, or need an advice regarding some color combinations because I respect his opinion in art.

He is often referred to be the "mini-me" or my "carbon copy" as they often say that he looks like me... and there are not few who said that.

I have no problem with that, I am in fact proud to say that he took after me... or should I say, a better version of me. He overshadows me in everything I used to do. He knows more origami than me. He played guitar better than me, he sings better than me, he dances (and I don't), he draws better than me, and he even beat me in Bejeweled!

And even his smart-alecky attitude reminds everybody of the younger me... and again, an improved version (you know what I mean).

The only field that he hasn't taken me (yet) is writing, although I don't know if it is one form of expression that he would be taking anytime soon. But then, I could be wrong.

My only problem, thus far, is that Edgar isn't really too proud of his talents. I mean, because he does all these things easily - guitar playing, drawing, origami, dancing, and more, he thinks these are all natural and nothing to brag about!

I guess I should just let him be for a while... at least it doesn't get into his head.

Yes, his name is Edgar... Edgar Allan, and he is my son.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I am at peace here...

I am at peace here... here in my own little world... here where I am myself.

When there's too much noise... when there's so much pain... I retreat, in my own little corner where no one can reach me... no one can harm... and no one can push me.

Here, I am nobody but myself. Not a presumed intellectual being... not an assuming warrior of the corporate world... instead, I am just me.

Let me be selfish for a while... let me forget all the cares... let me be with myself... let me be me...

here, in my own little world.

I am at peace here.

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