Monday, July 20, 2009

"I'm not afraid"

Yesterday morning, as I was cleaning the house after the children left for school, I found a piece of paper lying around. I picked it up with the intention of throwing it in the garbage bin, when I noticed that what was written in it was in stanza format.

Curious, I read what was written.

It was a short poem by my son Edgar. I was surprised because of all my kids, he was the least to be expected to express himself in poetry. He’s into music and arts, but poetry?

It was undated, and I wondered why it was written on a loose paper and lying around. I kept it, and thought of posting it here in my blog, to at least preserve it for him (he is not aware that I’m posting it here).

Here’s the “poem”

I’m Not Afraid
By: Edgar Allan dela Cruz

I’m not afraid of flying

I’m just afraid of falling

I’m not afraid of water

I’m just afraid of drowning

I’m not afraid of fire

I’m just afraid of burning

I’m not afraid of dying

I’m just afraid you’ll cry

Short I know, and maybe mushy. But hey, it’s my son’s, and one that I definitely don’t expect. Honestly, I never knew he has it in him.

As I asked my daughter Angel late in the afternoon about the poem, she said it was her who put it into writing, as my son Edgar was reciting.

My son has no intention of writing it, and Angel said he ‘made’ it about last year.

That gives me more reason to want to preserve the poem… and made me think too…

Is there more to the poem that what was put into writing?

'The paper'

The Author

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Moms & Sons

Last April, I stumbled upon the website of Dee through Jan’s tweet. I checked the link and I was led to her contest for Mother’s Day.

She was offering two Chicken Soup for the Soul books, one is a book between Moms and Sons, and the other is about Moms and Daughters.

The mechanics was simple – comment on the post and convince her why you deserve the book, tweet about the contest, or write a post in your blog about the contest.

It was supposed to be for mothers, but since I am a single parent now, I thought I would qualify as a ‘mother’ too… so I joined the contest.

I commented on her post, tweeted the contest and I wrote a post in my blog where I explained why a father like me would want a Chicken Soup book for mothers.

Yes, I did all three to show Dee how badly I wanted the books.

Luckily, I won, and Dee informed me that she will send me the Chicken Soup for the Soul – Moms and Sons.

I was excited!

Last week, I finally received the book!

Now, I have something to read, where a father like me can learn about relationships with the sons… from a mother's point of view.

I am excited to read the book…. thanks Dee!

Monday, July 13, 2009

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

To take care of my sight

All those blogging, whether I admit it or not is really taking its toll me, especially my sight. While I don’t want to admit it, I may require eyeglasses soon, that’s why the $ 8 Rx eyeglasses is really appealing to me.

I’ve seen Zenni Optical on TV!!! At least through the links in the web, I’ve also read High Five for Zenni Optical, so maybe they could be a good choice.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

So I am not allowed to celebrate

After a long delay, finally we can go out and celebrate Father's Day.

On the day of the occasion itself, my youngest and middle children were sick... fine, we can celebrate after a week...

Following weekend, my oldest son was sick... okay, fine there's always next week. Granted it was a rediscovery for both of us, he was still sick.

Finally yesterday, to celebrate the weekend that nobody was sick - the long delayed Father's Day celebration was finally pushed through... or so, I thought.

While we were at the movies, I received a text from my sister, my father was admitted to the hospital because of pneumonia.

Swell! Celebration cut short and we rushed to the hospital.

Now, I don't really claim to be so close to my father. The fact is, I was not... never have been. But being older now, and a father myself, I am slowly... albeit awkwardly, trying to build a relationship between us two.

He is my father after all.

And while we're in the hospital, I was thinking... "what kind of cosmic forces are plotting against me?! Now, that my kids are safe, and I didn't get sick, it has go outside, yet still within the family."


I hope so.

The problem now, is while I would want to keep watch over my father, I can't. I have to attend to my kids who would be attending school... and I have to work, to keep sending them to school.

My father is already old... these past few days, my mother always tell me that he is already saying a lot of nonsense - a sign of senility, to say the least, and he is not really in the peak of health, and he moves slower now... much slower.

Now that he's in the hospital... I'm seeing flashes of images... nightmares... I hope the worst won't happen.

The gap hasn't been patched yet... the bridge is being built...

I hope he gets through it.... I hope he gets well...

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