Monday, July 20, 2009

"I'm not afraid"

Yesterday morning, as I was cleaning the house after the children left for school, I found a piece of paper lying around. I picked it up with the intention of throwing it in the garbage bin, when I noticed that what was written in it was in stanza format.

Curious, I read what was written.

It was a short poem by my son Edgar. I was surprised because of all my kids, he was the least to be expected to express himself in poetry. He’s into music and arts, but poetry?

It was undated, and I wondered why it was written on a loose paper and lying around. I kept it, and thought of posting it here in my blog, to at least preserve it for him (he is not aware that I’m posting it here).

Here’s the “poem”

I’m Not Afraid
By: Edgar Allan dela Cruz

I’m not afraid of flying

I’m just afraid of falling

I’m not afraid of water

I’m just afraid of drowning

I’m not afraid of fire

I’m just afraid of burning

I’m not afraid of dying

I’m just afraid you’ll cry

Short I know, and maybe mushy. But hey, it’s my son’s, and one that I definitely don’t expect. Honestly, I never knew he has it in him.

As I asked my daughter Angel late in the afternoon about the poem, she said it was her who put it into writing, as my son Edgar was reciting.

My son has no intention of writing it, and Angel said he ‘made’ it about last year.

That gives me more reason to want to preserve the poem… and made me think too…

Is there more to the poem that what was put into writing?

'The paper'

The Author


zorlone said...

Cool list poem. Wow! He has a lot of potential. Ehem, nagmana sa ama.


Roy said...

you really know how to please a 'stage father' Z :)


list poem pala tawag dun, hehe..


Jena Isle said...

NoRoy, Doc Z is right. He is a poet. He has lots of potential. Just read his poem, it has a lot of sense.

"I'm not afraid of dying,
but I'm afraid you'll cry."

From a 13 yr old boy? These lines speak voumes.

Enhance his potential Roy, may pingamanahan kasi.

Greet and laud him for me.

Roy said...

it's exactly those lines which struck me Jena... I wish I knew how to help him develop it

Jena Isle said...

Give him a notebook Roy, and instruct him to write down his thoughts when he feels like it.

You could allot a space in your blog and post his poems there and show him the reactions/comments of readers. This will inspire him to develop his talent.

Eric S. said...

That is a great poem from a 13 year old especially. There is a lot of feeling captured in those terse lines. I would imagine he just might enjoy reading some poetry.

You surprise me, saying you don't know where he gets it. First off, he is your son, and sons tend to mimic their father. Second, you said he is into music. What is music but poetry, sung instead of read.

A very handsome young man he is to. You have all rights to be a proud father.

Roy said...

thank you very much Eric... there is a surprise twist to this poem, I haven't made to post yet...

but yes, I am indeed a proud father ;)


texas_sweetie said...

wow u must be proud of him. ako wala akong talent sa pagsusulat ng poem kaya i admire people who can write poems. wow ganda naman!

Roy said...

hi texas_sweetie!

thanks for dropping by! yes, indeed, I am proud of him... if only I can make him write more poem ;)

thanks again!

Luke said...

"I'm not afraid of dying,
but I'm afraid you'll cry."

This is very nice, Roy. How you can help him develop his poetry? Let him read lots of it online.

totomel said...

Your son is exceptional Sir. amidst the different temptations for the gen-x today - ranging from the use of cellphones to the dawn of computer games - you could hardly find a poet among the the youth today. You are one lucky dad :)

God Bless

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