Monday, August 10, 2009

The Truth

In my previous post, I wrote about the poem “I'm not afraid” and said that it was written by my 14 year old son, Edgar Allan.

That was true, although, only partially. I also said that it was my daughter Angel Liza, 11 years old, who puts the poem into writing because Edgar Allan only commits the poem in his memory… unfortunately, I didn’t understand the last part of Angel’s declaration.

It was only when I talked to her again that the poem turned out to be a “collaboration” of sorts. Because Edgar Allan doesn’t know how to finish the poem, and it actually my daughter, Angel Liza, who provided the last two lines.

Here’s the poem again, with the correct credits provided:

I’m Not Afraid
By: Edgar Allan dela Cruz
and Angel Liza dela Cruz

I’m not afraid of flying
I’m just afraid of falling
I’m not afraid of water
I’m just afraid of drowning
I’m not afraid of fire
I’m just afraid of burning
I’m not afraid of dying
I’m just afraid you’ll cry

The authors

Angel Liza and Edgar Allan dela Cruz


zorlone said...

So that's how it was. Two poets, make that, a family of poets, Roy! Wow! I would never have guessed (wink).

It was nice to see you and the kids last Saturday.

I hope to be able to read their poems soon on their own sites.


madz said...

Wow, that was a very great poem. The last line is very catching.

Roy said...

Hi Z! Yup! It was the work of two poets... hehehe... my kids...

they will be up, once I get things around the cleaned (Jan saw how messy our things were hehe...)

thanks! Yes, the last two lines were my favorites ;)

jan geronimo said...

Wow, I love this poem! That last line was heart rending. OMG. A family of poets!

It's such a privilege I've met them Angel, and Edgar and Ralph in the house of Puroy.

It pleased me too that I have seen with my own eyes that dog with an attitude. :)

Dee said...

Amazing! It touched me so much!

You have talented kids, Roy! Praise God for them!

Jhong Medina said...

I really admire your kids Bro! I hope I could write poems like them.

BTW, it a pleasure meeting you last Saturday.


Roy said...

hahaha! Chuchi sends her regards to you too Jan hehe...

thanks again!

thanks! I wished I can 'nourish' those talents

thanks bro! nice to meet you too!

Jena Isle said...

Roy, have previously said, this is a superb poem for a child of 11 and 14. They are poets in their own right. Now daddy will have to compose better poems...he he he..

All the best.

Roy said...


what a challenge Jena! hehehe...

yes, I better do ;)

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