Monday, January 28, 2008

What now?

Just after the operation last month (December), here we are again in the hospital... because the catheter that was inserted in my wife's stomach then got some problem. It has to be fixed.

Without a money in my pocket, i took her to the hospital. with all the pains and leaking from her stomach, i just didn't think how much it would cost... i knew i have to take her to the hospital. Now, with the rent on the house again being due... so is my wife's operation. and still, i haven't got enough to see me through this.

I have practically become a beggar. PARASITE if you may. begging here and there - old friends, new friends, even total strangers. my close friends aren't as close to me anymore because perhaps i have become too much of a burden. i don't know.

and my business even suffered, because i can't do anything anymore. i can't leave my wife's side who's almost always crying in pain. and the capital that i once had were flushed down the drain.

and i've been to told to have faith?

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