Saturday, October 31, 2009

Looking good... literally

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Things don't always go our way...

Isn't is frustrating? You ask for something and then you are given another?

I seek respite for my father... and it was given... permanently.

Can I complain? I'm afraid I can't. Maybe because I wasn't too specific in my request. I forgot, it can go both ways and still have the request granted.

I can't curse. I know there's nothing more I can do.

It's too late... too late to bridge the gap... too late to build a bond... too late to establish anything... it's just too late.

It's really is frustrating when things don't go our way.

Now, I can only wish and pray... that my father will have eternal peace...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Woof Contest Winners - October 23, 2009

WOOF Contest – Top Picks


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Lauren Salkin – “Dead Mice Don't Eat Cheese” – This post is based on a true story. So, what is actually true? The mouse, the cat, and me, of course. I did grab the cat with the mouse in its mouth, tried to shake it from the cat's mouth, succeeded in doing so, then subsequently stepped on the mouse, killing it.

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Another hurdle...

I won't lie. I am not that close to my father. I don't have memories of piggy-back rides nor weekend afternoon kite flying.

Still, he is father, and I do feel some attachment with him, one way or another.

Yesterday, we took him to the hospital. He has difficulty of breathing and an on-and-off hiccups. As expected, he was admitted. They were planning to take him to the ICU at first, but I didn't approve.

They were planning to insert a tube in his nose, I believe they called it the GNT, because he no longer eats. We refused because knowing our father, he might pull it out which could cause more trouble.

Fortunately, we were able to make him take his medicines. At least we can justify our decision not to allow the tube insertion. HE WAS TAKING HIS MEDICINES.

This afternoon, I arrived at the hospital and found the hospital personnel taking him out of his room and transferring him to the ICU. As he passed by me, I saw him - unconscious, weak, with tube in his mouth for the oxygen... a picture that I've seen before.

His body organs, as the nurse explained to me, can no longer perform their duties. He no longer breaths by himself, that's why they need to take him to the ICU where the oxygen machine is. When they finally allow me to see him, they have already placed the GNT through his nose.

With the oxygen tube in his mouth, there is no way for him to take the medicines orally, the nurse explained.

I was just silent... not knowing what to say... not knowing what to think.

By some stroke of miracle of miracle, maybe he can pull through this one...

I hope... I pray...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Her father's daugther

I have written in a previous post about my baby being a scriptwriter, Here I am making a follow-up post about it.

Her story, a modern day Cinderella story is now a guest post in my Short Stories Blog, and I couldn't be any prouder. It was the first time that I read her story actually, as I was posting it on my blog.

Save for some required polishing on grammar here and there, I can say that she got a good storyline... or maybe because she's just my daughter?

I don't know. But based on what I read, I am now contemplating on finally putting up her own blog. The only problem though, is that she's not really too excited about it - having her own blog that is.

But how I wish I could really develop the writer in her, without being pushy.

Why not visit my short story blog and read her story to see if she indeed has the making of a writer.

Call me a proud father, I don't care... because honestly, I am.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dreams do come true

Dreams do come true
Believe me
They do

Maybe not when we want them
They come true when
They needed to be

Not how we want them to be
But even better
Isn’t it swell?

Dreams do come true
I hope that mine
Will inspire you

October 15, 2009
8:20 PM
Angeles City

Inspirational Thoughts and Stories from Bloggers All Over the World

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31 inspiring thoughts and stories from 27 bloggers...

share with our dreams... share our passion...

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.... and believe... that dreams do come true....

Saturday, October 10, 2009

How do you prepare for death?

How do you want death to come?

Can we really prepare for it?

When my wife passed away last year, we were in a way prepared for it. We knew it would come, so it wasn’t really a surprise.

But, were we prepared? I thought we were.

We were prepared and accepted the fact the she has to go… that she needs to rest. Later on, we realized that while we were prepared for her ‘departure,’ we weren’t really prepared to live our life without her.

It was a long bout, and every now then, the pain of that reality still hurt.

But we were aware of it coming.

Yesterday, my mother called to tell me a bad news. The eldest son of my cousin died.

He was only 19 years old.

I haven’t seen the boy before really as I seldom see my cousins, but I knew he was healthy.

The boy was on his way home.

He was just crossing the street in front of the subdivision where he lives, when he met an accident – he was run over by an oncoming vehicle.

That was instant. No warning.

I can only imagine the pain that my cousin felt when he heard the news. And I don’t think they were prepared.

How should death really come? Is there really a way to prepare for it?

I don’t think we can.

This only means that we should treasure every living hour that we have. Make it worthwhile. Take every opportunity to show and express our love for our family… because I believe, that is the only way to prepare for death…

…pre-paint it with beautiful memories.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Reflections through songs

Aside from my poetry book being published, another dream of mine is hearing my songs being played on air. No, I don’t necessarily have to sing them, other singers can do better justice to them. That is if they do want to sing them.

Yes, aside from poems, I have also written some songs. I’ve been writing since I have learned to play the guitar. Call it self-admiration, but I’d like to believe that my songs are decent enough and worthy of being played on air (compared to more nonsensical songs polluting the air waves now)

Whenever I have an opportunity, I join songwriting contests in the hope that I might get the breaks. I also sent samples of my works to recording studios that I hear of. But all these efforts really proved futile. Not even a feedback nor an acknowledgement from recording companies that they have received my songs… as for the contests, when professional songwriters are included, can you really expect to be noticed.

Now, 41 years old and running out of time. This dream of mine might remain just like that… only a dream. Maybe some things are not really meant for some people. Getting recognized through my songs may not be for me it seems.

But I know, getting the breaks or not… songs will surely get written.

Definitely they will.

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