Friday, October 02, 2009

Reflections through songs

Aside from my poetry book being published, another dream of mine is hearing my songs being played on air. No, I don’t necessarily have to sing them, other singers can do better justice to them. That is if they do want to sing them.

Yes, aside from poems, I have also written some songs. I’ve been writing since I have learned to play the guitar. Call it self-admiration, but I’d like to believe that my songs are decent enough and worthy of being played on air (compared to more nonsensical songs polluting the air waves now)

Whenever I have an opportunity, I join songwriting contests in the hope that I might get the breaks. I also sent samples of my works to recording studios that I hear of. But all these efforts really proved futile. Not even a feedback nor an acknowledgement from recording companies that they have received my songs… as for the contests, when professional songwriters are included, can you really expect to be noticed.

Now, 41 years old and running out of time. This dream of mine might remain just like that… only a dream. Maybe some things are not really meant for some people. Getting recognized through my songs may not be for me it seems.

But I know, getting the breaks or not… songs will surely get written.

Definitely they will.


jan geronimo said...

Yun na nga, Roy. Ang in ngayon ay iyong mga walang sense. Nawala na un lyricism ng mga kanta. Mas okay pa nga yata ngayon un magagaspang na mga salita eh.

Compose ka lang. Write them for your kids or for your personal collection. Who knows? ",)

Jena Isle said...

Hey Roy, did you know I had let one young lady record a song in which I composed the lyrics and a student composed the melody?

We can team up on this one too. I'm a frustrated singer, remember?

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