Monday, September 28, 2009

Angel, the script writer

Finally, I was able to get hold of the PC. Well, because Angel was writing a script for their school club's play since she arrived home from school this afternoon. It took her almost three hours to finish it. She have actually written a draft of it on paper and just polished and typed it now on the computer.

I was tempted to peek, but I didn't. I'm afraid I could be of any of the two - an overacting stage father or a overacting critic. So I just let her be. She do ask me from time to time while she was typing though.

When she was finished, and while printing the script, she was happy and even dancing. I took it as a sign that she was satisfied with what she wrote. It was by the way a script for a modern day version of Cinderella, which was the theme required for her (I couldn't write anything myself when I am given parameters).

Her only concern now is that her classmates are not that really appreciative and cooperative. I hope that they do work on the play seriously so my daughter would get encouraged in her writing.

Maybe someday I'll post her script in my blog, or maybe she'll post it in her own blog. But until then, I won't take a peek... unless she asked me to, of course.


jan geronimo said...

I'm sure Angel did well in her scriptwriting job. Remember she had written the last line of the poem her older brother had difficulty resolving? ",)

Roy said...

oh yes Jan, she did!

I plan to make it a guest post on my short stories blog ;)

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