Sunday, September 13, 2009

First Bundle of Joy

First Bundle of Joy

I never thought I'd feel
The joy I felt when I saw you
I never thought I'd see
A face as beautiful as yours

So young and so innocent
Yet so full of love
I held your hands and then I feel
All the love flowing inside

You're my first bundle of joy
And you bring me so much happiness
You're my first bundle of joy
You bring me so much love

And when the day is blue
All goes well when I see you
And with your sweet smile
You wipe away the tears in my eyes

And there's nobody else
Who can make me feel
The love and joy that I felt
Since the day you came

January 1993
Angeles City

A song I wrote for my son Ralph Emerson when he was just 3 months olds... today, he turns 17... how time flies...

Ralph at 4 years old

Ralph at 12

High school graduation

always the playful one

at the EIB 2009 awarding

Ralph and his new cellphone

Happy Birthday Ralph!


Tiyo Paeng said...

Very nice poem Roy, i like the way you express your thought.

Happy birthday to your son.

Tiyo Paeng said...

ah! sorry, it was a song that you wrote for your son i should say..

mmmm.. nicely done.

Roy said...

maraming salamat Tiyo Paeng... galing ako sa site mo, nakakatuwa naman siya ;)

zorlone said...

Ang bilis ng panahon Roy! Sa susunod baka ang poem nagagawin mo e tungkol na sa kasalan ng mga anak mo. hehehe.


Roy said...

oo nga Z, hindi malayong mangyari yun :)

jan geronimo said...

Jesus Christ. I'm late for the party. LOL.

Wow. Your first bundle of joy is now a young man. How cool is that! And there's a second and a third one - all marvelous, God's little bundles.

It's so tempting to see them still as little bundles, don't you think? It's as if with this thought we could freeze the inexorable onslaught of time.

But that's not meant to be. Kids have to have their time to realize their dreams. Their day in the sun. And we can all pray that they do well.

Take that from me - your childless friend. LOL

Roy said...

Yes Jan, he's grown up now... and how!

thanks friend!

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