Wednesday, September 09, 2009

WOOF Contest winners September 4, 2009

WOOF Contest – Top Picks


Dragon Blogger – “Burning Alive - A dark poem about burning alive.

Roy – “I cried again...” - Crying for no reason at all... but later, I found out why.

Zorlone – “Unafraid to Love” - A dialogue between extraordinary characters about love, sacrifice, and loyalty.

Creative Non-Fiction / About Writing

Holly Jahangiri – “Interview: Thoughts on Blogging - I decided to throw a relaxed little virtual get-together with some of my “Jedi Blogger” friends, just to have a chat about blogging… So although we live oceans apart, imagine us gabbing at a little table in an open-air café, enjoying a beer, a cup of tea, or maybe sharing a great big bowl of Bulalo.


H. Benjamin Petrie – “The New House - A boy meets a girl he knows in town and shows her his new house.

Brought to you by PlotDog Press with the Serial Thriller Web Novel "Dead Play"

(WOOF participants should re-post all the links above by next Monday. The following links may be excluded as long as you include all the above links.)

Presenting the finest of the writer’s blogs by the bloggers who write them. Highlighting the top posts as chosen by the September 4, 2009 WOOF Contest participants. Want in to join the next WOOF? The next contest ends September 11. Submit a link to your best writing post of the last 3 weeks using the form on this page. Participants, repost the winning link list within a week and you’re all set.

Other WOOF Contestants for 09/04/09

Creative Non-Fiction / About Writing

Jennifer M Scott – “Bull Fighting with the Vortex - My current woes with writing.


Roy – “I'm out of rhyme” - A poem about the time I don't know what to write...

Zorlone – “A Wizard's Sympathy” - Taking Jenn Scott's poetry challenge: Use the line “On salvation’s road laden with lavender lollipops” in a poem.

Jennifer M Scott – “Soul's Contentment- A love poem.

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