Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Angel is ranked no. 8!

The report card for the first grading period was finally released, and I was surprised and glad that my Angel is ranked no. 8 in the class.

Yes, I know it's still a big leap to the top spot, but hey! My baby is included in the class Top 10, and this she did by herself, because I wasn't able to really teach her in her studies nor do her brothers can help her all the time.

I am really glad that she is self-reliant and would do her studies even without prodding. She would be doing her homework the moment that we arrived home. At least all her efforts paid off.

She could do better, I know. I told her that, but there's no pressure.

Whether she gets to the Top 10, I'm still proud of her, because I can see her efforts.

She's my Angel.


fatherlyours said...

Wow! Mana sa mama niya. hehehe

Roy said...

tumpak ka diyan Sir Mon! :)

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