Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jesus take the wheel...

Because I really need you to... please

I pray...

Saturday, January 08, 2011

My baby's growing up...

If only I could stop time, I would. Or even just to make it slow down a bit, so my baby will not grow up so fast.

But I can't stop time. No one really can't, and no matter how I try to deny it, my baby is growing up -- RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES!

I really do not know if I just blinked or I was not really paying attention. But wasn't it just yesterday when I was holding her in my arms, singing her lullaby as I put her to sleep? Wasn't it just yesterday and she would ride on my back and play horses?... Yes, it was all just yesterday.

And now, my baby is turning 13... thirTEEN! My baby is now a teenager!

No, I'm not panicking. Nor am I making big deal out of it... BUT MY BABY IS TURNING THIRTEEN!

There's really nothing I can do. I can't stop it, can't even slow it down... I'll just have to savor moment the while she's still in my arms.

HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY MY ANGEL!  I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH! will always be my baby!

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