Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Better Reflections...

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And now, back to our regular REFLECTIONS.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Life and Joys of a Single Father...

To be honest, I am almost tempted to create another blog to chronicle this. But I had second thoughts... would I really like to blog about it? And can I keep the posts coming to justify it being created into a separate blog. I decided just to keep it a post here, and maybe keep it just a series should I need to post another topic on this.

I really cannot complain about being a single father, because in the first place I believe I haven't really been a good single father for me to have a right to complain. Second, I am blessed with good children who have stood with me through these trying times.

Being a single father for more than 3 months now, I am still not used to making even simple decisions by myself. It is so difficult to face the fact that I don't have anyone to ask an opinion from, so I end up asking my kids.

Maybe someday, I can blog more about this. Right now, all I can say is that, the only thing that make this thing I'm going through easier for me, are my kids. My wife's gift to me, whom she thought well... loving..., respecting..., and understanding.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Be inspired now!

This will be the first time I will be blogging for another blog. My latest blog that is. I made yet another new blog. My latest baby...

Be Inspired Now!

To date, I have five active blogs, REFLECTIONS, Letters To Mama, Sugar Coated World, The Struggling Blogger and The House Of Puroy's Blog. Other blogs were also created in-betweens, but these are the ones I'm keeping and updating actively so far.

Be Inspired Now! would make it six. I hope I can keep it active as well. Those who know me and those who are regular readers may notice that I'm crazy over tag lines... and this one's tag line would be 'as I seek for inspiration... I also seek to be one...'

Yes, this blog is where I will put articles that I hope could inspire me to move on. Honestly, I needed them. And at the same time, sharing them so they could also be an inspiration to others.

This may contain personal stories, my original poems that I wrote since adolescent years, as well other stories, articles and poems that have touched me and has greatly influence my life.

Today, the blog doesn't really have anything much. Just an introductory post, and a whole lot of good intentions. I do hope I could keep up with the blogs intentions... and as my invitation in my first post goes... Let us all be inspired!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another reason for me to be thankful...

A news that came to me today caught me by surprise... the place where I used to have my internet shop was broken in - again! I said again because of all the four internet shops that operated there, three were now broken in. Only one was spared... that one was me.

Come to think of it, I really didn't have too complicated security locks to prevent anyone from breaking in then. I used the same padlocks, same techniques, same precautions as all of them had. Fortunately, I was spared... although I believe there was an attempt too in my time as there was an instance that I came to the shop with the front locks missing! Yet, like what I said... I was spared.

The first internet shop owner, I was told was broken in twice. Then she sold the shop to her friend... which was also broken in. That's when I came in. He told me all about it, didn't withhold any fact - that he was broken in and all units were stolen except for the monitors. I tried my luck and continued the business. But I was not as successful with the inflow of customers as my predecessor was. I was told that he was earning P1,000 to P2,000 a day, yet I hardly make P300 in a day. So to cut my losses, I sold the business. Only, my units were not bought, only my rights to the place.

The new owner bought new units and renovated the place. It was nice and cozy when it was finished. A far cry from the dark blue interiors I had then. When I passed by the place, I could see that they were doing good... much better than I did. Only to be told today that they too became a victim of burglary.

While I symphatize with them, I also realized that I should be thankful that I was spared and didn't become a victim when I was having my business there. I could only imagine the anxiety... the trauma... that one undergoes when these things happen.

I pray that soon, all these nonsense would finally stop. So everybody can live and sleep in peace...

A futile attempt to cash-in on my blogs...

I thought it could be... after all, this blog has been up for a long time now. So I joined an online community wherein they would provide opportunity for bloggers to earn. Isn't it swell?! Earning for something that you love doing! That's great!

So I submitted my blog for approval... looking forward to blogging as a career. Only to be doused off with water. The fire within, slowly flickering... dying down even before it got a chance to burst out into a flame.

My blog posts, counting 40 before this didn't make the grade. I didn't pass a simple requirement - 20 blogs for the last 90 days. Too shallow a criteria I must say. Quantity of posts rather than quality. There's nothing I can do about it, it's their rules. I should have blabber more. Dividing my emotions into 2 topics or more, to be able to meet the required number. But then again, blogging for personal reflections couldn't be done that way. Somehow, I felt like an outcast in the problogging world.

A futile attempt... another disappointment... even in my blogs.

This is me... so what else is new?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Mother's Day without a mother....

It was a special day for mothers... to recognize all her efforts, all her sacrifices, all her love. Only this time ours isn't around for us to reciprocate all the love that she gave to us. The one who deserves most of the recognition, cause in spite of her condition she still showed us the meaning of selfless love.

I know we are not alone in this predicament, there are lots of motherless families out there. Only for us, it's our first year without my wife... for my kids without a mother... on this very special day.

She left us barely three months ago, when even with all her courage and strong spirit within, her weak body has to succumb to an ailment burdening her for so long. And she has to go... without saying goodbye.

Mother's Day made us miss her even more... and appreciate the fact that she and only she can take care of us and love us the way she does. With three kids getting sick all at the same time makes me wonder... how can she take care of them in her condition? When I, healthy and strong, isn't able to take good care of them and allowed them to be sick - on Mother's Day even!

I know, no amount of hoping and praying could bring her back, cause she is now at rest. A rest that she really deserved. Cause her battle wasn't an easy one... even touching other's life by her mere smile despite the pains she's been feeling.

But even without her by our side, she is still the best mother my children could have. And there's no reason that we can't greet her on her special day, cause she's always been around... watching us... loving us.

Happy Mother's Day Mama!

We love you.

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