Saturday, May 24, 2008

Be inspired now!

This will be the first time I will be blogging for another blog. My latest blog that is. I made yet another new blog. My latest baby...

Be Inspired Now!

To date, I have five active blogs, REFLECTIONS, Letters To Mama, Sugar Coated World, The Struggling Blogger and The House Of Puroy's Blog. Other blogs were also created in-betweens, but these are the ones I'm keeping and updating actively so far.

Be Inspired Now! would make it six. I hope I can keep it active as well. Those who know me and those who are regular readers may notice that I'm crazy over tag lines... and this one's tag line would be 'as I seek for inspiration... I also seek to be one...'

Yes, this blog is where I will put articles that I hope could inspire me to move on. Honestly, I needed them. And at the same time, sharing them so they could also be an inspiration to others.

This may contain personal stories, my original poems that I wrote since adolescent years, as well other stories, articles and poems that have touched me and has greatly influence my life.

Today, the blog doesn't really have anything much. Just an introductory post, and a whole lot of good intentions. I do hope I could keep up with the blogs intentions... and as my invitation in my first post goes... Let us all be inspired!

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