Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Choice

The Choice 
by Roy 

I tried to move on
Tear a page off my life
Learned to fool myself
And wore a fake smile
Cause life goes on
Even as I breathe in pain

I might as well tell my heart
To stop beating
Cause it always look back
And continue hoping
Someday, somehow
You would care

But does it really matter?
Tomorrow will not change
It just adds another day
To this story of longing
A plea that will never be
For you can't feel my pain

Would you look my way?
Or is that asking too much?
For my eyes tell more
Than what my lips dare cry
However, I do not exist
In your consciousness

Waiting is not a game
It is a curse
And I will embrace it
Until you hear my heart
How long, you asked?
An eternity of time

A fool, I know I am
Basking in all this pain
I could have walked away
And be free
But I choose hurt over empty
Cause you're not there

June 6, 2012
12:55 a.m.
Angeles City

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