Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A willing loser

Yes, I am willing to be the loser
I knew from the start I’m not meant for you
Yet I was stubborn and still took my chance
Hoping that somehow I could reach your heart
Because no other love will do for me

And even if I knew there is no chance
For me to be able to reach your heart
Hoping that you will see how true I am
Off’ring you a love to last a lifetime
Even if I knew it’s not meant to be

Tomorrow I know t’will be just the same
Playing this game where I’ll be the loser
If it has to be, I’ll treasure the pain
I will love you just the same... forever
Even if your love will never be me

August 17, 2010
9:56 pm
Angeles City

*reply to the poetry challenge by Jena Isle, a Jenanian verse about “a love that cannot be

Sunday, August 15, 2010

What if the heart got tired of waiting?

I said I will wait
and I will...
but, how long?
What if the heart got tired
of all this waiting?
Then, there’s but one answer
To go to a place
Where pain is no longer felt
Where time doesn’t matter
Where tomorrow could be now
And forever is real
There I will wait again

August 15, 2010
10:49 pm
Angeles City

*reply to the poetry challenge by Rose Almonte – “waiting

Friday, August 13, 2010

What should I do?

 I really don’t know, I am confused
Should I pursue it? Or just let it be?
If I let go, I might miss the chance
And forever lost what I thought could be mine
But if I insist, it could be worst
I could drive her away, and be forever gone
They say you have to fight if you feel it’s right
And I sure would like to take my chance
Then again I’ve also been told, patience is a virtue
Damn! I’m so confused! What am I to do?

I don’t want to miss my chance,
I don’t want to scare her away either
At this age, I thought I’ll be wiser
Is a ‘no,’ really a ‘no? ‘
Or ‘wait’ is an empty promise?
And ‘being friends’ is a kiss of death?

Should I fight or should I stop?
I weighed my options and I really don’t have a lot
If I do this, I could lose
But if I do that, it could be worse

Damn! I’m so confused!
I really don’t know what to do

August 13, 2010
10:35 pm
Angeles City

*reply to the poetry challenge by Yatot – “soliloquy

Honest intentions don't count

I am able to reach other people’s hearts
But why can’t I reach yours?
I can put a smile on their face
Or let a tear escape from their eyes
But I can’t even make you
Turn your eyes my way

Honest intentions don’t count?
Perhaps you just didn’t see
Just how much it means to me
And thought I am just
Not the truth I purport to be

Too much? Too soon?
But why wait when I am certain?
I cannot really fathom the problem
Was it you or was it me?
Or am I just too assuming?

And honest intentions don’t count.

August 13, 2010
3:15 pm
Angeles City

*reply to the poetry challenge “misunderstood” submitted by Dina Zulueta

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Forever won't be too late

Now may not be the time
Tomorrow could be too soon
I guess my chances remain
To wait for forever then

Be that as it may be
So be it
If that is what it would take
It won't be a day too late

For sure time will pass
And seasons will change
Yet one thing will remain
Strong... pure and true...

My love for you

August 12, 2010
9:08 pm
Angeles City

*reply to the poetry challenge submitted by Vi Santos Abella - "Immortal Love"

I'll paint scenarios instead

Because it couldn't be
I'll paint scenarios instead
I would just live in dream
Of what I wish it would have been

A blissful life
Tomorrow spent with you
Sitting under the moon
As I run my fingers through your hair

What a lovely picture
I've painted for you
A tomorrow offered
By a love so true

But I know it couldn't be
So I paint scenarios instead

August 12, 2010
10:05 pm
Angeles City

*reply to the poetry challenge submitted by Ralph Emerson - "scenario"

Sharing is glamorous

An absolute beauty, inside and out
Unselfishly sharing what she has
Teaching everyone who wants to learn
Sharing secrets that kept her upstream

You don't get just a mentor, but a real friend
When in her class you're able to attend
The business that will keep you clean
Laundering up even the tiniest thing

My friend, thank you for being you
You have taught a lot of people a thing or two
A business that is so close to you
Making laundry look glamorous too

Who says poetry and laundry wouldn't mix?
If it's for a friend, there's nothing I can't fix
And I know I couldn't thank you enough
For being there when times were rough

Thank you my friend

August 12, 2010
Angeles City

*reply to the poetry challenge submitted by Nette of Mr. Laundry - "I made laundry glamorous"

Monday, August 09, 2010

Gray Rainbow

What I thought was colorful
Was nothing but different shades of gray
Not one ray seems too attractive
Not one intend to liven up
Perhaps I just had too much
Of childhood fantasies
Colorful rainbow and happy dreams
Fallacy painted with lies in between
So when I chased my rainbow
I was met with the truth forlorn
That the colors were nothing
But mere reflections of what could have been

August 10, 2010
12:09 am
Angeles City

*reply to "Challenge me to poetry" submission by Rose Almonte with her word "Rainbow"

Saturday, August 07, 2010

100 things that make me happy

100 things that make me happy

I was asked to write a verse about
The things I am thankful and make me happy
And I have to enumerate them all
Count them ‘til they reach a hundred
Quite a tall order, but I’m not one to retreat
So here I am writing them here, listen if you please

My 17 years of married life, filled with memories
Joys, sadness and pains are all part of this
It’s always nice to look back at those times
When I was still a complete man

And now my source of strength at this time
Are my 3 kids, my gifts from my wife
My source of pride, joy and inspiration
Without whom, I’ll be lost and in oblivion

My 17 blogs that help keep my sanity
By helping me vent out my insanity
My 4 notebooks filled with original poetry
And a book that helped me fulfilled a fantasy

My guitar which helps me sing away the blues
My camera which help capture memories
My 2 dogs that are so noisy and pesky
But you can be sure, they’re as loyal as can be

Of course you know, coffee would be in this list
And throw in dark chocolate too if you please
My simple indulgence, I know you won’t deny me
After all it’s the simplest things that make me happy

 I wouldn’t leave out my mother who’s always there for me
And provides me comfort especially when I’m weary
And lastly, I’m thankful for my heart that beats
Which  enables me to feel all of these

Yes, those are the things that make happy
Yet if you count them they’ll only reach 50
Weren’t I asked for 100 things?
There’s a reason for that, listen if you please

I can only give you half of what was asked
Because the other half, I  still cannot speak
The part that would have made my life complete
Lie in the hands of someone, it is still a pray’r

August 8, 2010
2:14 am
Angeles City

*reply to the poetry challenge submission by Iva, who said "enumerate 100 things you are thankful for right now"

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Yesterday, my name was Happiness

I wasn’t wanting… or so I thought
I was fine… or so it seemed
Then you came and filled the void
That I never knew existed

And I started to live again
Whereas before, I simply existed
You have made tomorrow
Something to look forward to

I never really thought
I could feel this way again
I thought it was all over
And I’m just waiting for my time

You’ve added sunshine where there was gloom
Put in rainbows where there were only grays
Given reasons for me to smile again
Made me wanting to see life through the end

But that was all yesterday
Too fast… now it’s all gone
And just like a beautiful song
Our story has to end

It was all just yesterday…

August 5, 2010
11:45 PM
Angeles City

*a response to "Yesterday, my name was Happiness" submitted by Manuel Villoria to my call to "Challenge me to poetry"

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