Thursday, August 05, 2010

Yesterday, my name was Happiness

I wasn’t wanting… or so I thought
I was fine… or so it seemed
Then you came and filled the void
That I never knew existed

And I started to live again
Whereas before, I simply existed
You have made tomorrow
Something to look forward to

I never really thought
I could feel this way again
I thought it was all over
And I’m just waiting for my time

You’ve added sunshine where there was gloom
Put in rainbows where there were only grays
Given reasons for me to smile again
Made me wanting to see life through the end

But that was all yesterday
Too fast… now it’s all gone
And just like a beautiful song
Our story has to end

It was all just yesterday…

August 5, 2010
11:45 PM
Angeles City

*a response to "Yesterday, my name was Happiness" submitted by Manuel Villoria to my call to "Challenge me to poetry"

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