Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'll bury myself instead

Since I am longer allowed to rant, wallow in gloom, or spew some ‘un-niceties’, by my own volition mind you, lest I cause to send more stress signals that may affect people close to me, I’ll just bury myself, instead.

“What?! Bury yourself?!”

Yes, you read that right, I’ll bury myself.

But what were you thinking? I’ll dig a pit, jump in it and shovel the soil back in? it’s like saying “I’ll choke myself to death!” You know that’s next to impossible.

So, what do I mean by “burying myself?”

I’ll bury myself with my writings… immersed my worries in words… rhetoric, lyrics, limericks, poems, and what-have-you. After all, I did say that poetry lives through me, and so I might as well make true that claim.

A wordsmith I am not, but as posted in my Facebook status update, “What I lack in eloquence, I make up with sincerity”

True that.

I don’t need eloquence to express how I feel. In fact, I can even say what I mean without really saying what I mean!

Did you get that? I don’t either. I wonder why I said that.

Anyway, I’m just dragging this thing and it’s close to becoming a rant, which I said I am no longer allowed. So I’ll just wrap it up by saying, “let the burying begin!”


Holly Jahangiri said...

You're allowed! Who says you're not! Oh - by your own volition, okay.

I just want to be clear on this: You're ALLOWED. Just like I'm ALLOWED to call you Eeyore when you do. ;)

I think turning your energies towards bringing a book of poems to life is a much better idea.

jan geronimo said...

Ah, yun naman pala. No problem. If it works for you then you must do more of the same. Just don't ask me for word contribution for your poems.

Justin Germino did last night as per usual. I still don't know what's wrong with me, but I happened to contribute the word Dildo.

Of course, I've weak stomach for conflicts and unnecessary drama and tried to take it back and substitute Vibrate instead - as if that offers little consolation. Ahahaha.

That's a little more sterile and harmless, don't you think. But after initially crying ouch at my word contribution, Justin got down to chasing his Muse and wrote a poem with the winking Dildo in it.

The moral of the story is that you've a mother lode of experiences to power and inspire your writing. But my state of mind is such that I might put a damper on your poetic endeavor.

But I'm very eager to read it of course.

Go, go, go, Mr. Struggling Grave Digger. :)

Holly Jahangiri said...

Oh, jan, now you've got me thinking of dildos - er, dildoes? - I know where you got that temporary state of mind! I followed your link (from Facebook, was it?) and laughed so hard I'm still wiping tears from the corners of my eyes! "Even when talking about sex I still manage to be a pedant..." Too funny.

Roy said...

hahaha! saw your comment at Jena's and it made me laugh. was wonderin' how you were able to see I was there.

Of course, like I said, you're allowed to call me Eeyore anytime. I've already researched about him, and found some good stuffs too. Might find himself in future poems or stories too ;)

yeah, I've been reading your tweets and followed too where you got the word. But I'm sure Justin won't have any problem with that. Remember when I threw in defecate back then? :)

Holly Jahangiri said...

Eeyore is a sweetheart, Roy. Everyone loves Eeyore - he's all gloom and doom, but has a good heart and is loyal to his friends. When he smiles, the sun comes out. And yes, he does have his happy moments. Well, more like "contented" moments.

Roy said...

sounds like a perfect description Holly, especially on loyalty on friends.

I never turn my back on friends... even though they already did to me :(


Holly Jahangiri said...

Roy, here's a picture:

But the caption's the best part:

"It's amazing how Eeyore can simultaneously look happy, gloomy, cute, droopy and cuddly, but he somehow manages to pull it off. ;)"

Holly Jahangiri said...

Just for you, Roy:

Roy said...

really a perfect description, Holly... and a perfect timing too

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