Thursday, September 20, 2012

Putting me in my proper place

I attended a songwriting workshop conducted by The Maestro, Mr. Ryan Cayabyab, today at the San Beda College in Manila. I was very excited because aside from the workshop itself, it will be the first time that I will meet Ryan Cayabyab. I've been watching him since Ryan Ryan Musikahan, and yes, you may say I'm a fan.

Together with him during the workshop were some of the finalists of the recently concluded PhilPop Music Festival Songwriting Competition. The contest I joined in, and of course, eventually lost.

They presented the finalists, and the finalists who were present there performed their winning songs.

Damn! They're good! No, I mean, they were excellent!

And I dared compete with those people?! And you know what's worse? They were so young, some were even half my age!

What does that make me? Twice a loser, I guess.

Ryan said well, "You've seen and heard these guys. They all play a musical instrument and they all can sing."

He emphasized that those are important factors for a songwriter.

I am a mediocre guitar player and definitely a lousy singer.

Should I still join future songwriting contests?

I don't know, those guys sure put me in my proper place.

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