Thursday, July 31, 2008

A free insurance from Philam Plans

Just arriving home the other day, my son told me to call back Philam Plans. He said they called while I was gone. Puzzled, I dialed the number my son gave me and asked for 'Michelle', the one who called. As they were calling her, I'm still thinking... what could be the reason for this call?

When Michelle was already on the phone, she told me that I have a free insurance with them worth P25,000 and asked me to pick-up my certificate from their office. Skeptics isn't exactly my middle name, but I'm definitely sure that you don't get something for nothing these days. As she was explaining, I butted in, "Okay, what's the catch?" to which she readily replied, "There's no catch sir, somebody referred you and our head office approved the referral that's why you have a free insurance." She then assured me that I should not pay for anything once I pick-up my certificate.

Still skeptic, I went to their office yesterday afternoon to get my certificate. I got my certificate with no-strings attached to it. But I filled up a personal data sheet wherein they asked me to submit my own referrals too. Hmmm.... I'm beginning to get the picture. Once they get people in their office, they might try to sell them some of their products... but since I have already told them before that I am jobless without any penny on me to 'bite their bait', they really didn't exert any effort selling anything to me.

And so I got away with my free insurance worth P25,000 But since it is free, it has so many limitations. But what the heck, you're not expecting anything grand for something you didn't spend a penny on, do you? I always believed in securing the future for my children, that's why once I have enough resources I sure am willing to pay for it. But for now, I would settle for the free-but-limited insurance.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Will I try again?

Lately, it seems I've been finding my zest being revived and I want to continue pursuing the business that I once started. I have abandoned it and haven't been really doing anything about it for months now. I don't know why, but it seems like I've lost touch... I wouldn't want to go on.

But then, being still unemployed, it seems that I really have no other recourse. Being 40 here in Philippines isn't an easy situation to be when you're looking for a job. Top that with being unemployed for more than a year. Credentials notwithstanding, I was a bum and I will always be thought as that.

Now, I'm waking up to my senses. Although honestly, I still don't know where to start again. I don't even know where I stopped. Losing my wife somehow made me lost my touch in the real world. But months of living under parent's subsidy isn't helpful for my self-esteem.

That's why now, I am literally dragging my feet... pushing myself, so I can start again. For my children... I made a promise to my wife that I will take care of them.

So help me God.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Come To Jesus... She did...

I know someday it will come to this... and perhaps it could be the best that could happen... for her to finally rest.

We've been prepared for it, in fact we used to discuss it casually. As if it's the most normal thing to happen.

But I guess no amount of preparation could spare us from the pain. When it happened, we thought it wouldn't hurt as much... but it did. Until now... the pain of losing her is still within.

I know this is for the best... the end of all her pains and sufferings. Because now, finally... she went home.

I will no longer hear you cry
for you will never be in pain
Yet I will always feel your smile
cause your love will always remain

We miss you Mama.

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