Saturday, July 26, 2008

Will I try again?

Lately, it seems I've been finding my zest being revived and I want to continue pursuing the business that I once started. I have abandoned it and haven't been really doing anything about it for months now. I don't know why, but it seems like I've lost touch... I wouldn't want to go on.

But then, being still unemployed, it seems that I really have no other recourse. Being 40 here in Philippines isn't an easy situation to be when you're looking for a job. Top that with being unemployed for more than a year. Credentials notwithstanding, I was a bum and I will always be thought as that.

Now, I'm waking up to my senses. Although honestly, I still don't know where to start again. I don't even know where I stopped. Losing my wife somehow made me lost my touch in the real world. But months of living under parent's subsidy isn't helpful for my self-esteem.

That's why now, I am literally dragging my feet... pushing myself, so I can start again. For my children... I made a promise to my wife that I will take care of them.

So help me God.

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