Saturday, March 26, 2011

By The Door

Standing by the door
The best place I could be
Waiting for the chance
To be invited in
And take an active part

Waiting by the door
Feeling everything… by a glance
Not knowing if there’ll ever be
A chance for me to become more
Than someone who just stands outside

Hoping still by the door
Not wanting to just barge in
Am not one to push my luck
And be loss in this game of chance
I’ll be happy with what I have

So will I continue to wait
For the door to open wide
And be invited in
To become a part
Of your life

6:25 p.m.
March 26, 2011
Angeles City

Monday, March 21, 2011

I will keep my silence

I will keep my silence
If only to make you stay
I will not insist anything
Lest I turn you away

I will keep it all inside
This bittersweet bliss
As well as the treasured pain
That come with this feeling

I will wait for tomorrow
Or maybe even a day more
Hopefully soon it will happen
It won't be a day too late

So I will keep my silence
If only to make you stay
Until ends the spell
Of this curse that is friendship

March 18, 2011
4:11 p.m.
Angeles City

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Because I dared to dream...

Because I dared to dream I have a chance to make a dream come true.

From the single verse where everything started… from the seed that was planted… soon will be the chance to see its fruition… its realization.

True, there were times I drifted away from my calling. Somehow, it came back to haunt me… and how. And it wasn’t long before I came back to writing poems… to writing reflections in verses.

As I went to continue threading more lines, rhythmic or not, the old dream was inevitably awaken… the dream to share my poetry through my own book.

I thought it would always remain as that – a dream.

Because there wasn’t just a single instance that I was discouraged to pursue the dream due to a lot of factors, financial being the foremost.

Fortunately for me, my subconscious mind would not take it sitting down. They say the subconscious mind is very powerful, so we need to be careful what we put there… if only we know how.

And because I almost gave up, I tried to forget about the dream, and yet continued to write poems in my notebook. Unknowingly, I was able to place it in my subconscious mind, which has other plans.

While I was unconcerned whether the dream will come true or not, my subconscious mind conspired with the universal forces that make things happen. It took a while before it succeeded in doing so, but like what they always say, everything will come around.

Little by little, events unfolded, and I was led to the people who will help me make my dream true – from the supportive friends who kept on pushing, the naysayers who always challenged, the unfortunate events that only made me stronger, and finally to the publishing people who agreed to accommodate my whims.

And thus now, I am still anxious, to be honest, but excited nonetheless. The REFLECTION will come to life… a lifelong dream will finally come true….

…because I dared to dream.

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