Monday, September 22, 2008

How Reflections started

I do hope this is worth reading...

Reflections was my first blog, it was in fact my only blog for more than four years. I never really thought I will have other blogs aside from this one, but then this is too personal and I know I just can't post anything in here - that is if I want to earn.

But how did Reflections start? It started with a notebook, long before I was even surfing the net... long even before blog was a word. I was a poet, a self-proclaimed at least, even before I was a blogger. Back then there was no niche, no PR, no feeds, no feedbacks, no comments - just pure emotions... honest emotions.

Yes, Reflections were only poems, not rants. They were not essays, only verses. Written on paper with an old fashion pen. No audience, no ratings... no one knows... no one cares.

Three filled notebooks and 9 blogs later, there were no more inks from the pen, no more space on the paper. Then blog came to be... is it a blessing or a curse? Do I really prefer an audience over anonymity? Which is more sincere? Do I still write to express? Or do I need to impress?

Deep inside me I know, when I get tired from all these blogging, I'll get back to these humble yet sincere notebooks which I call my Reflections.

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