Monday, September 28, 2009

Angel, the script writer

Finally, I was able to get hold of the PC. Well, because Angel was writing a script for their school club's play since she arrived home from school this afternoon. It took her almost three hours to finish it. She have actually written a draft of it on paper and just polished and typed it now on the computer.

I was tempted to peek, but I didn't. I'm afraid I could be of any of the two - an overacting stage father or a overacting critic. So I just let her be. She do ask me from time to time while she was typing though.

When she was finished, and while printing the script, she was happy and even dancing. I took it as a sign that she was satisfied with what she wrote. It was by the way a script for a modern day version of Cinderella, which was the theme required for her (I couldn't write anything myself when I am given parameters).

Her only concern now is that her classmates are not that really appreciative and cooperative. I hope that they do work on the play seriously so my daughter would get encouraged in her writing.

Maybe someday I'll post her script in my blog, or maybe she'll post it in her own blog. But until then, I won't take a peek... unless she asked me to, of course.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Breakfast today

It's Saturday, another weekend. Unlike the previous days, cooking breakfast was always done in a hurry... so I need to wake up earlier (4 a.m.) to be able to cook breakfast and prepare the children's packed lunch.

But today, I still woke up early (6 a.m. is still early for a Saturday) so I had time to prepare the breakfast that I have been planning to prepare for a long time - fried rice, 'tuyo' and scrambled eggs... and since I was also able to buy some tomatoes, I added 'sarsiado' on the side.

So there I was, working in the kitchen by my lonesome while the children were still enjoying their sleep... and cooked (in the following order) eggs, tuyo, sarsiado and finally, the fried rice.

I have only one frustration though, I still haven't perfected the 'art of making tutong' on fried rice. I love that crunchy rice at the bottom of the pan... I wish I could make it without burning the fried rice ;)

and finally, at 8 a.m. I called the kids so we all can have our breakfast together... why wait for September 28 for a family meal? When it should be done at every opportunity available?

tuyo, scrambled eggs, sarsiado, fried rice, tutong
complete set up... and of course, coffee for me ;)

I really don't know how long they can keep with my cooking :)

*cooking for weekdays' breakfast of course is a different story ;)

*more pictures here

Sunday, September 13, 2009

First Bundle of Joy

First Bundle of Joy

I never thought I'd feel
The joy I felt when I saw you
I never thought I'd see
A face as beautiful as yours

So young and so innocent
Yet so full of love
I held your hands and then I feel
All the love flowing inside

You're my first bundle of joy
And you bring me so much happiness
You're my first bundle of joy
You bring me so much love

And when the day is blue
All goes well when I see you
And with your sweet smile
You wipe away the tears in my eyes

And there's nobody else
Who can make me feel
The love and joy that I felt
Since the day you came

January 1993
Angeles City

A song I wrote for my son Ralph Emerson when he was just 3 months olds... today, he turns 17... how time flies...

Ralph at 4 years old

Ralph at 12

High school graduation

always the playful one

at the EIB 2009 awarding

Ralph and his new cellphone

Happy Birthday Ralph!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Angel is ranked no. 8!

The report card for the first grading period was finally released, and I was surprised and glad that my Angel is ranked no. 8 in the class.

Yes, I know it's still a big leap to the top spot, but hey! My baby is included in the class Top 10, and this she did by herself, because I wasn't able to really teach her in her studies nor do her brothers can help her all the time.

I am really glad that she is self-reliant and would do her studies even without prodding. She would be doing her homework the moment that we arrived home. At least all her efforts paid off.

She could do better, I know. I told her that, but there's no pressure.

Whether she gets to the Top 10, I'm still proud of her, because I can see her efforts.

She's my Angel.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

WOOF Contest winners September 4, 2009

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Brought to you by PlotDog Press with the Serial Thriller Web Novel "Dead Play"

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

I adopted another "baby"

I can't believe it! I adopted a new "baby" and now there's an addition to the family!

I named him Benz, from Benjie, the boy who was looking for his mother in the latest story on my Short Stories Blog.

While Angel and I were in the public jeepney on our way to her school, she saw Benz on the side of the street wandering all by himself. She took pity because he was so small and all alone. She wanted me to get him and take him home so we could take care of him. He seems so fragile when we saw him.

If only Angel won't be late, we could have gotten off the jeepney and took him right away.

On my way back, I went to the place where we saw him... he was gone. The place where we saw him was in front of an office and I saw a security guard at the side... and behind him, in the corner I saw the dog.

I asked him if it was his and he said no, he just found him there when he came in. Apparently somebody left the dog there. Then I asked him if he would take care of the dog, if not, I'll take him home so we can take care of him... as I promised Angel.

Luckily, he gave the dog to me.

As I picked him up, he was shaking... either from the cold or from fear or both... but I whispered him not to worry, he will be taken care of.

When I arrived home, Ralph, my eldest, immediately took care of him. We gave Benz milk and Ralph tended to him while he was eating/drinking. He would whine whenever he is left alone. So Ralph stayed with him for a while.

Here he is, staying right beside my son Ralph

I can't wait 'til Angel gets home from school and find Benz... my only problem right now, I don't think I have baby-ready Chuchi... she's outside the house now, while Benz, because of his size is staying inside for a while.

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