Friday, April 24, 2009

Meet Chuchi... the newest member of the family

Meet Chuchi, an 'askal' an ordinary dog. She may not be like one of those expensive dog breeds that we see famous people totting around. But she is special to us, especially to Angel.

Chuchi was given by her classmate and bestfriend who happens to live in the neighborhood. She was just a tiny pup when she came to us, barely out of weaning. We gave her milk during her first days with us. We tried to feed her bread then, but she wouldn't eat it.

She was a timid little dog at first, we thought she will always stay like that. Always lying silently in one corner, very, very lame. We thought she was weak.

As the days passed by, since the excited kids would always play with her (and sometimes I do too), she started getting active. Now, after more than a month of staying with us, she has turned into one frisky, hyper-active little pup.

At times, we would be walking around the house dragging her as she is biting on our pants and wouldn't let go. There are times she would bite the slippers we're wearing, pulling it and once we took it off, she would run away with it.

But what is really most anticipated by the kids is feeding time. During meal time, Chuchi would be staying under the table, waiting for us to be finished. Although there would be times she would jump up, but after we tell her wait, she'll go back under the table.

And when it's her turn to eat, Angel would always be feeding her by hand. Yes, this one spoiled 'askal' would be eating food from Angel's hand as Angel would hand it to her one by one until she finishes everything.

I really have come to love this dog myself, especially with what she brought to the family. My Angel has someone to show her affection too, aside from having a playmate. Even the two boys have become affectionate because of Chuchi.

Chuchi is a one frisky little dog, she tears the newspaper one day, once the radio dropped off the table because she dragged its cable while she was running inside the house. Sometimes we wonder if she's really an 'askal' because we find her intelligent.

Whatever, we still love her, because she is family.


Mel Alarilla said...

Yes the little pup will be a welcome addition to your family. Kids and pets do really mixed beautifully. Just be careful about the pup contacting rabies and passing it on to your kids. You can never be too careful, you know. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Roy said...

Hi Mel,

yes, the kids are concious of it. I planned to have Chuchi vaccinated at the soonest possible time.


Holly Jahangiri said...

I'm assuming "askal" means "mutt" or mixed breed? They are often the sweetest, most even-tempered, and indeed, smartest dogs. In general, I think I'd prefer to adopt a mutt, if I were able to keep a pet.

Vaccination is important, mainly for the dog's health - there are other diseases to prevent that are mainly a danger to the dog, and would lead to heartbreak for the kids (and you). I think rabies is actually pretty rare, unless the dog gets bitten by a wild animal that more commonly carries rabies (same for humans).

Chuchi is adorable. I'm glad the pup's found such a good home.

Roy said...

fortunately, we were able to get vaccinated within a month after she came to us.

yes, 'askal' is short for 'asong kalye' or street dog, although she's not really a street dog, it's just a term used to refer to those who don't the breed like the pedigreed dogs.

she's actually bigger now, much bigger, and even friskier... I refer to her actually as 'the dog with an attitude' ;)

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