Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why would a father want a Chicken Soup for the Soul book for mothers?

I'm sure most of you know the Chicken Soup for the Soul book, and I just found about Dee and her contest where she is giving away two Chicken Soup for the Soul books:

The first one is about Moms and Sons and the second one is about Mothers and Daughters, and I'm writing this post because I want to win both books.

I know what you're thinking, "Why would a father want Chicken Soup for the Soul books for mothers?"

Most of my friends know this, but for those who doesn't, since my wife passed away last year, I have been standing both as father and a mother to my two sons and daughter -- so theoretically speaking, I am qualified to want to have these books.

Seriously though, being a single father, I honestly believe these books would help me rear my children well, especially my daughter who would unfortunately have to grow up without a loving mother to guide her.

Right now, being only eleven years old, I still have no problem. But she will grow up, and that's a fact -- I'm thinking boys, crushes, sleepovers, heartaches... and heaven forbids -- 'monthly period!'

How can I cope? Would we be able to connect to each other and maintain the relationship we have now once I start to be strict on her when it comes to boys?

And what about my sons? You think that them, being boys, I won't have any problems relating them? Guess again.

You know how boys keep things to themselves, and being a man myself, how would I be able to convince them to pour out all those aches, pains and frustrations inside? Things that they could easily open up to their mother... which unfortunately is no longer here.

I know these two books won't really tell me how to do things and be a 'mother' to my kids... but maybe they could give me an idea, a woman's point of view perhaps, or maybe a sound advice coming from a mother to another 'mother.'

Is it still a wonder why I want to win these books?


Dee said...

Hi Roy! :)

I'm so sorry to learn about the demise of your wife.

Thanks so much for posting this. You get three entries for each book. Thanks too for visiting my blog. God bless! :)

Dee said...

Oh, and thanks so much for the tweet too.:)

Roy said...

Thank you very much Dee!

Dee said...

Yes, raising children alone could be a tough job. You've shared your thoughts on this quite eloquently. Very nice.

tashabud said...

Hi Roy,
I see your point, clearly, of why you'd like to win these books. And I hope you'd win for the very good reasons you've pointed out.

Good Luck,

Roy said...

Thanks Tasha!

texas_sweetie said...

you deserve to win the books! goodluck sa contest Mr. Roy! dumaan lang at nagparamdam dito! INGATZ kayo jan!

Roy said...

Hi texas sweetie!


sana nga swertehin :)

Fatherlyours said...

This is Fatherlyours and hoping for you to win. Goodluck!

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