Tuesday, April 14, 2009

From poetry to short story writing

After rediscovering my passion in writing poems, I am now on a journey to write stories... short stories at least.

I am struggling, especially since I have so much writing to do as well real world matters to attend to. But I am determine to test myself to see if I can indeed try to pull this one.

I have managed to inject a few stories in my blogs before, but those were done in leisure time. They may or may not be written, it won't make a difference. I still can post a lot of nonsensical and irrelevant matters on my blog.

But when you have blog like a short stories blog, you really can't post anything in it other than short stories, right? So, when the blog don't get updated... say, for more than a month, you know somebody is not keeping up in his personal challenge.

I am excited, and at the same time pressured. Especially now that I am promoting it in almost all of my blogs. Perhaps, you may have read the other posts too and have grown tired of reading the same thing -- just re-worded.

Just leveraging on the existence of my many blogs.

So far, I only have two entries in it... an introductory story, and another one that aims to be a sci-fi with a twist.

But of course, expect it to be filled with more stories of different genre - romance, suspense, real life, action, mystery, humor and more.

And without much further ado, I give you, my Short Stories Blog

See you there!

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