Sunday, April 26, 2009

A blog for Angel

My daughter Angel was creating a new blog in her Friendster account the other day. Not her first blog actually, because she already had one in her old Friendster account which was unfortunately hacked.

When I saw her, I asked if she wants to have a 'real blog' not that a Friendster blog isn't a real one. I was meaning for her to have her own domain, to save her the trouble of thinking about transferring files and blog posts, or worse, starting over again when she comes of age.

Right now (based on her old blog), she really have a poor command of English grammar, she's only 11 years old after all. So what worries me once I create her blog is that those pseudo-English gurus might be hounding over her blog, checking it twice (like they were Santa Clause) and find what they think were lapses.

Honestly, I found out personally that blogging is not really for the faint-hearted. Save from some supportive friends who always push and boost your morale to encourage you to write some more, there are some who comes from nowhere creating havoc in the blogosphere.

Some would pick a line or phrase from your post, expounding it on their blog - which is totally out of context from where it was picked-up, to justify their post and make you look dumb.

Back to Angel's blog, these facts make me think twice whether or not I would create a blog for her. But I don't want her to miss a beautiful experience just because of some stupid paranoia. Maybe I could just be keeping a watch on her blog, and throw all those commentators who 'doesn't have anything better to do' in the river of fire where they will 'burn and gnash their teeth as they cry.'

Sorry, I got carried away... anyway, Angel wants a blog... Angel will get a blog!

But make no mistake about it, Daddy will be keeping a watchful eye.


zorlone said...

I can see the Roy genes in her. LOL. Her name might as well be her domain, right? Angel of puroy?

There will be lots of watchful eyes on your daughter.

Good luck!

Angel don't be discouraged! Your dad is a skillful blogger. He'll teach you all the ins and outs of blogging!


PS. has angel read any of Dan Miranda's posts?

Roy said...

never seen nor heard of Dan Miranda myself :)

is he young blogger too?

nope? i'll never attach my name to her blog, for her sake.

thanks for the encouragement Doc Z

Jan said...

Roy, you can co-author her blog for her, if you want. Just for the initial months. I mean, you don't have to tell the public about it. It's her show after all. By co-authoring, you work as her editor behind the scenes.

And the blog should be moderated to drive away the rascals and good for nothing jerks.

Have you talked with her about the frequency of her posting? If it's not every day, I think I can help with the editing. Not the writing part of course - just the polishing and all that.

Or Dr. Z, I'm volunteering Z. lol.

Oh ayan - three alternating editors to guide her if you agree. ",)

Dan Miranda is a 13-year old blogger. He writes about time management/personal development at

Great kind. Sensible. Knows how to deal with people at a young age.

Jena Isle said...

Hello Roy,

I would like to officially welcome Angel, We'll all post a welcome post for her, just inform me of the date...and btw, you should be her proof-reader, help her out but stay in the background...he he he...that's the role of fathers - "the wind beneath her wings" .

If they make public their corrections of Angel's post, then they're not really there to help, but to show that they're better than her.

She's only 11 yrs. old, for God's sake, I know most bloggers would be encouraging and helpful.

Good luck, daddy blogger....he he he...

Jena Isle said...

Btw Doc Z,

Have you read the first contribution of Roy to the book? It's about Angel. And she's really an angel and a blessing.

Roy said...

thank you very much for your overwhelming support guys.

but I guess I must tell you, my Angel isn't really that 'deep' I really don't know what to expect from her.

in her friendster blog before, she was just posting poems like 'all things bright and beautiful' and other shallow stuff.

I really want to take a backseat on this one... a backseat driver that is.

thank you Jan, Jena and Z, at least now I know that there'll be someone who will also look after my Angel.

zorlone said...

Our circle is getting bigger! he he he! I thinks there is one thing in common, we all want to support each other, right guys?

Roy, at this age, I wish I could have also been Angel's age when I first started blogging. I think at 11, I was getting ready for high school. Playing video games and watching saturday cartoons. I still watch cartoons, I got tired of video games. LOL. I want more action, I guess.

Jan, I take that as a compliment. Maybe when it's my turn to help, I'll focus on the Biological and Poetic (excuse Roy) part of Angel's entries. Of course, the stage dad will also keep an eye on what we (help) post.

Jena, I haven't. Will go to gewgaw for that. I just hope my internet connection can handle it.

Angel, I hope you are reading this too. You might only see us in 125 x125 sized pictures, but we are real life bloggers willing to lend a hand to an aspiring writer/poet/author like you.

Good luck!

May you spread your wings as far as you can and glide through the wind* that we shall provide.


*am quoting what Jena said

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