Thursday, January 08, 2009

The only woman in my life...

Now, I can say it. There's is only one woman in my life right now, with whom I would like to dedicate all my efforts, my life and my future... who makes me want to dream again and work to achieve that dream.

No, it doesn't mean that I have already found a replacement for wife, I will never replace her. In fact, I can even say that this woman was her gift to me.

If you're guessing I'm talking about my Angel, you are right.

There's no other woman in my life right now.

She is my only source of inspiration... my joy... my strength... my everything.

With my Angel by my side, I have someone who sincerely believes in me and love me.

Today, January 9, 2009, is her 11th birthday, and a fine young lady she's turning out to be.

Yes, there were times she seems to be naughty and mischievous, but her sweetness and thoughtfulness more than make up for it.

Her sweet smile, a tight embrace, and a sincere kiss - all worries seem to fly away.

I know someday soon, she may choose to go her way. But until that day come, she will always be my Angel... the only woman in my life.

I'll do everything to give her the best that a father can give his baby....

And as I have been telling her... she may grow up too soon, but she will be my baby forever...


texas_sweetie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGEL! You're truly an angel to your dad!

Ang ganda naman pala ng anghel mo Mr. Roy! Ang mga ngiti nya ay kay pagka tamis tamis, you're lucky to have her!

Roy said...

thanks texas_sweetie!

yes indeed! I'm proud of my Angel!

cyndirellaz said...

wow ang cute naman ng lil angel mo!! she must be a really sweet girl ^^

Roy said...

ay oo naman! pagka-galing sa ukol niyan, may pasalubong pa sa akin. kapag bubuksan ko na, sasabayan ng.... 'patikim'


Jena Isle said...

She's so sweet, Roy. Very beautiful too. For readers who want to read more about Angel here's a part of Angel's story.

Such a father's love for her daughter is so sweet.

Happy weekend.

Roy said...

thank you very much Jena!

Twilight Zone said...

very sweet and very pretty girl, congrats para sa 11th bday nya at sana wagmagbago ang pagtitinginan nyo kahit na magdalaga na sya.
may our God bless you both, at sana lumaki syang mabait at masunuring bata at my takot sa Dios.

elyong said...

You have a beautiful angel. God bless you both.

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