Thursday, January 01, 2009


So what's next? 2008 has just ended and 2009 has just started, what is in store for me and my kids this year? If I say that it will be a better year for us isn't exactly realistic for me, but if I say that it could be worse isn't really healthy either.

My year-end post isn't exactly a positive one, and yet my first letter for the year shows me looking forward to a better year - am I confusing myself? What is really my state of being at this point?

Let me put it this way, most of the time I can be seen as a pessimist. Whining here and there, like there is really nothing good happening to me. That I am carrying such a heavy load on my shoulders

Yet there are also times that I would write to project optimism. Like I can do anything, and I mean anything, that I want to do. You can see me writing posts of gratitude and other inspiring lines like I was the inspiration guru.

So, where I am really? Am I a whiner and a loser? Or am I winner and an inspiration?

Either-or, neither-nor? Well, I really don't know. Truth to tell, I take everything that life brings to me. If I am blessed, I will definitely spread the news, because joys multiply when they are shared.

And when I'm down, it does make me feel better if I can pour it all out, even though it is just in writing. It is not really my intention of spreading gloom and letting everybody down - it is just how I write.

Whenever I write, I open my soul. You may not always like or agree in every REFLECTIONS that you read...

Right now, this much I can say, for 2009, expect to see more of these honest and sincere reflections...

for those with too much angst and pains... perhaps, I'll just sugar-coat it.

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jenaisle said...

I wish that year 2009 would be a successful year for you, not only in blogging but in all aspects of your life.


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