Friday, December 26, 2008

Our traditional family Christmas party

Just like what I wrote to my wife, we were able to hold our traditional family Christmas party last December 24. Just like what my wife started with us way back in 2002. Although she is no longer with us, we want to continue this tradition to remember her by.

We offered our Christmas party to her.

After our opening prayer and welcome remark, the kids each delivered messages to their Mama, and of course I did too. Some of the games were in videos while some were in pictures. Although some part of the program were neither in pictures nor videos because it was not possible for me to take them. I am the emcee, photographer and game master all rolled into one.

First game was the longest sound which was won by Ralph (defeating our defending champion Edgar). This was followed by a dance number by Angel. Other games were Pinoy Henyo, Tissue Paper Tearing contest, a different version of Pik Pak Boom (no pictures/videos) and hotdog eating contest.

Edgar and Ralph performed twice. Ralph sang while Edgar accompanied him on the guitar. Angel also recited a poem for us.

We started at 9 PM and by 11:30 PM we were already finished, so we already shared our humble Noche Buena and after which we proceeding with our exchange gifts.

The kids had fun. I hope our Mama was watching us.

Our humble Noche Buena

Some pictures from the party

More pictures and the videos are posted in my multiply account - mcRoyver


Twilight Zone said...

sigh, buti pa kayo my celebration at ang kukyut ng mga batang toh.
tumawag nga sakin ang mader ko at tinanong ako kung anung handa ko nung noche buena e wala namang pasko dito sa china at i came back too late at night dahil sa overtime then nung midnite narealize ko wala nga pala akong nabiling pagkain nagutom ako kasi kakatawag sa pinas ayun ang noche buena ko bahaw na kanin at pritong talong sus kala ko pa naman maiiyak sa awa sakin ang aking dakilang ina,nasamid daw nung iniinom na juice nung malaman yung noche buena ko lol.
Merry xmas tol,happy new year narin sa pamilya.

tashabud said...

Hello Roy,
That was great that you continued on with your family tradition even after your wife's passing. You're right, her spirit is with all of you.

I wish you and your family a bright 2009.


Roy said...

Hi Twilight Zone and tashabud,

thank you very much for your comments.

Yes, I'm trying hard to continue to build the tradition deeper into our family. Good thing the kids are cooperating.

thanks again

reyna elena said...

ngayon ko lang na-feel ang loss mo which i did not get nong bago pa lang kitang makilala online.

anyway, merry xmas!

Roy said...

hi Reynz,

it's ironic but it's true. happy occasion like this also brings the reality that someone dear is no longer with us.

thanks for dropping by

happy new year!

Snow said...

Hello Roy,

It seems that your Christmas Party was a happy one. I bet your dear wife is so proud of you because you are taking care of your children.

Happy Holidays Roy and keep on smiling.

Warm regards,

Snow ^_^

Jena Isle said...

I enjoyed the videos of the kids. And you have successfully made your kids happy. Happy new year , again. BTW I have twittered this post so other readers could read it. God bless.

Roy said...

Thanks Snow & Jena!

Happy New Year!

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