Saturday, August 30, 2008

My story on my friend's blog

It is rather late that I blog about it, but I guess it will be just fine to rekindle the attention on my story, hehehe...

My story about my daughter's experience in a contest when she was still so young... made even better by my friend Jena Isle as she posted it on her blog. She even made it more interesting by giving it in three installment... making readers wait in anticipation what would happen next, ala telenovela.

Well, enough of me talking. I just like to share to three links which are all now posted. I hope you will have the time read them... hope you like them.

Here they are:

She didn't dance - Part 1

She didn't dance - Part 2

She didn't dance - The Conclusion

Thank you very much for your time in reading my story.

Thank you very much Jena!

I can't wait how it will appear in the book

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I am still holding to a dream....

And that dream was what started this REFLECTIONS blog in the first place... a simple dream actually... I dream that someday I am going to publish my own book of poetry... my own poems... my reflections.

With my story being included in my friend's Jena Isle's book which would be published sometime next year, at least I would know how it feels to be a published writer, even just a contributing one... but then, a personal book, where I am the author is still a dream that I want to come true.

I don't know the process, I don't even know where to start. I asked a publisher friend for some information... unfortunately, not only that he didn't give me the information I needed but he discouraged me against it.... citing all complexities, complications... and most of all cost. For a while, it sidelined my dream.

I guess, I should find some support elsewhere. From one who genuinely helps and supports without prejudice, especially someone like me who obviously doesn't have the needed funds at this moment.

But that is just half of the concern I have. Because, there is this fear... that once it is published, how do I get it promoted? Would somebody even want to buy it? Or would it just gather dust in the bookshelves of the bookstores? Would they (bookstores) even accept it for display?

I know, I'm thinking way ahead... I haven't even got the REFLECTIONS published.

This is my dream...

Will it remain forever as one?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm just a $1 away from my first payout...

$1.13 to be exact! And I do hope I get that before this month's cut-off. It will be my first real online income if ever. Been clicking ads for a long-time, and honestly I'm very far away from the minimum payout. That's why I am not wasting my time with them anymore.

Fortunately for me, I found MyLot. An online forum that pays its members just by participating in the discussions. And there are lots of discussions going on, that's why there is always something that is interesting to pinch in my 2-cents worth.(But if you post sensible responses, your opinions are really worth more than 2-cents ;) )

If only I weren't too busy these past few days, I could have reached the minimum payout long time ago. But no regrets, because MyLot is really a fun community. You will forget that you actually signed up for an online income.

And since this is an online community, I have made friends already with people half a globe away from me. Because there are lots of MyLot members from all over the world. You'll learn a lot from their insights and their culture... it's like travelling around the world without leaving your house.

And if you haven't tried it yet, now would be a right time to start. Register now, just follow this link and you can register FOR FREE!

I'm warning you though, it's quite addictive. So be sure to finish all your work before signing in, because it will be so fun you might forget everything else.

Monday, August 11, 2008

First day at a new job...

Today was my first day in my new job... and I didn't do anything. Actually, I did do something, but nothing that I can say that I really worked. Because the person who was supposed to orient me was absent. So I just observed a supervisor who was doing his work. He did feed ne some information regarding my job description.

The job was with Holiday Inn in Clark, Philippines. My job? I don't know the job title, but it sure looks like a stock custodian, although they don't want to call it that. The department I am with is 'Cost Control' department. Yet it seems that our function is simply monitoring, documenting and recording. Perhaps show some graphs of expenses and consumption trend. There is really no control on our part. I could be wrong, it's just my first day.

Tomorrow, I'll be back, hopefully the department head is already present to brief me about my work. It's just clerical, way below my qualifications. But it's fine with me, I'm just having some second thoughts about the salary. Of course it's just the rate of a clerk. And another thing, I'm under an agency. Funny, I didn't apply on any agency.

Anyway, I'm still on a wait-and-see-mode. Maybe soon, I can make some decisions.

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