Monday, August 11, 2008

First day at a new job...

Today was my first day in my new job... and I didn't do anything. Actually, I did do something, but nothing that I can say that I really worked. Because the person who was supposed to orient me was absent. So I just observed a supervisor who was doing his work. He did feed ne some information regarding my job description.

The job was with Holiday Inn in Clark, Philippines. My job? I don't know the job title, but it sure looks like a stock custodian, although they don't want to call it that. The department I am with is 'Cost Control' department. Yet it seems that our function is simply monitoring, documenting and recording. Perhaps show some graphs of expenses and consumption trend. There is really no control on our part. I could be wrong, it's just my first day.

Tomorrow, I'll be back, hopefully the department head is already present to brief me about my work. It's just clerical, way below my qualifications. But it's fine with me, I'm just having some second thoughts about the salary. Of course it's just the rate of a clerk. And another thing, I'm under an agency. Funny, I didn't apply on any agency.

Anyway, I'm still on a wait-and-see-mode. Maybe soon, I can make some decisions.

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