Saturday, August 30, 2008

My story on my friend's blog

It is rather late that I blog about it, but I guess it will be just fine to rekindle the attention on my story, hehehe...

My story about my daughter's experience in a contest when she was still so young... made even better by my friend Jena Isle as she posted it on her blog. She even made it more interesting by giving it in three installment... making readers wait in anticipation what would happen next, ala telenovela.

Well, enough of me talking. I just like to share to three links which are all now posted. I hope you will have the time read them... hope you like them.

Here they are:

She didn't dance - Part 1

She didn't dance - Part 2

She didn't dance - The Conclusion

Thank you very much for your time in reading my story.

Thank you very much Jena!

I can't wait how it will appear in the book


Jena Isle said...

Hi Roy, thanks for the post. Implaced your widget in my side bar at gewgaw writings. I ws looking for the link to your newest blog but I can't find it in your struggling blogger.

I would like to make that as the lunk form gewgaw para ma advertise siya.

I'll try to look around now. Cheers.

Roy said...


I haven't updated the links in my blogs lately.

Thank you very much!

Jena Isle said...

Ano ba iyan, reading this now. It's just like I was drunk while writing this comment. "Link" became "lunk" , implaced instead of embedded....he he he...sorry..perhaps I was in a hurry for work.

Anyway better late than never ...late by months....he he he..

Jena Isle said...

Twitted this too now...hindi ko pa alam ang twitter

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