Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Is it Christmas yet?

I entered Nepo Mall today at around 10:30 AM, it took me more than 5 minutes inside before I noticed the song that was playing in the mall. It was a Tagalog Christmas song! It was only then that I realized that it is now the months of 'ber'

In the Philippines, ber months or months ending in ber signify the start of the Christmas season. The longest Christmas celebration there is, from September (ber month) to January of next year (3 Kings) which explains the Christmas song this early.

There is nothing like the feeling of Christmas carols playing in the air, somehow it lightens up the feeling.. although, at some point it made me feel sad... it will be our first Christmas without my wife.

But whether I sulk at the corner thinking of how we could have spend it this year if we are complete, or anticipate the coming of the season and think of ways to celebrate it with my kids... Christmas will be here... soon enough even.


Jena Isle said...

Merry Christmas in advance Roy! Malami na nga ang the best.

Roy said...

Thanks Jena!

Advance Merry Christmas!

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