Saturday, October 22, 2011

Making matter of your life

Making "matter" of your life

During a company meeting, there was sharing of thoughts about an article that was given for us to read. The title of the article was "Make your life matter."

The article was about, well, making your life matter. Which means making your life significant, making a difference, being a catalyst, and so on and so forth.

But the word "matter" instantly reverberates in me the definition of matter, "anything that has weight and occupies space."

Science 101, right?

Smart-alec you might say. You're right. But wait, my smart-alec inner voice didn't stop there. It elaborates further the definition of matter, in relation to the article we just read, which I was able to share to the group then.

Anything that has weight
One of the characteristics of matter is that it should have weight, which means for us to matter, we should have "weight" too, figuratively speaking of course.

By weight, I mean substance… purpose… significance. Our thoughts and actions, and existence, should be making a contribution to ourselves, to the people around us, to the community we belong to. "Weight-ful"  enough to have an impact, not necessarily in a grandiose way, but at least enough to make even just a small difference.

Remember, little things matter too (oops, there's that word again).

…and occupies space
Another characteristic of matter… it should be able to occupy a space. Each of us has our "spaces" to occupy. We have our own roles to play.

Are we occupying it properly? Are we fulfilling our destined role?

For us to have "weight," we should find our "space."

We can best create an impact if we are occupying our correct space, if we are playing our exact roles. Being a "square peg in a round hole" is more than just a cliché, in fact it happens quite too often. We need to find our "correct space," our exact role… it is something where we are most happy doing.

Once we found it, we can only expect ourselves to do our best.

So, let's make our life matter… rather, let's make "matter" of our life… let's have weight and occupy our space.

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