Sunday, August 24, 2008

I am still holding to a dream....

And that dream was what started this REFLECTIONS blog in the first place... a simple dream actually... I dream that someday I am going to publish my own book of poetry... my own poems... my reflections.

With my story being included in my friend's Jena Isle's book which would be published sometime next year, at least I would know how it feels to be a published writer, even just a contributing one... but then, a personal book, where I am the author is still a dream that I want to come true.

I don't know the process, I don't even know where to start. I asked a publisher friend for some information... unfortunately, not only that he didn't give me the information I needed but he discouraged me against it.... citing all complexities, complications... and most of all cost. For a while, it sidelined my dream.

I guess, I should find some support elsewhere. From one who genuinely helps and supports without prejudice, especially someone like me who obviously doesn't have the needed funds at this moment.

But that is just half of the concern I have. Because, there is this fear... that once it is published, how do I get it promoted? Would somebody even want to buy it? Or would it just gather dust in the bookshelves of the bookstores? Would they (bookstores) even accept it for display?

I know, I'm thinking way ahead... I haven't even got the REFLECTIONS published.

This is my dream...

Will it remain forever as one?

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