Thursday, December 25, 2008

Is it worth it?

Is it worth it?

All those late night works and early morning log-ons, trying to come out with a quality output for a meager pay?

Is it worth it?

Doing something that practically isolates you from the rest of the world?

Is it worth it?

All those anxieties brought about by not being able to produce the required quantity and quality because no matter how hard you try you can't come up with anything.

Is it worth it?

Letting your daughter do her homework and projects alone while you are glued in front of your computer trying to earn your keeps.

Is it worth it?

When something you so love doing suddenly becomes without a value when somebody actually put a price to it.

Is it worth it?

Asking these questions...

Is it?


Eric S. said...

I think yes, the value is in your heart. The sharing of that is what creates the value. Your daughter is not alone for you are there.

Merry Christmas.

Jena Isle said...

Yes, it's worth it, Roy. The message that you bring to other people makes it worthwhile. Merry Christmas.

bloggista said...

Hmmmm - perhaps for just one day let's all pause for a while - and just enjoy the holidays.

But then again it depends on one's priorities, and whatever it is, Roy, you got us to support you. Hehe.

May the blessings of GOD shower you and your family, and let's all look forward to a more productive new year.

Twilight Zone said...

lahat ng gawa na nanggagaling sa puso kahit na nga walang kapalit....its worth it.
merry xmas.

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