Saturday, January 03, 2009

Our new year celebration

Unlike Christmas eve, we didn't have any party or games last new year's eve. Although we used to have them too before, but I asked the kids to excuse me this time. Although we didn't have a party, it doesn't mean the kids didn't have fun, they did... I guess.

As early as 3PM, I prepared the Crema de tsokolate. Yes, not fruta, because I used chocolates, choco wafer sticks and coffee instead of fruit cocktail. We had that already Christmas so I thought we should have a different flavor for New Year.

After which I prepared the food for hotdog-and-marshmallow-on-cabbage (whatever you may call that). And while Angel was helping me with that, I was cooking the Pancit Canton - the first ever pancit canton I cooked in my entire life.

Although I panicked because I thought the canton would turn into mami, the excess soup banished when I added the noodles. At 9:30PM I was already finished and set everything on the table (except the graham chocolate cake). I went outside where I watched some fireworks occasionally popping in the sky.

The kids were inside playing on the computer, and I had time to spend for myself and think. Sometimes they would go out and see me. Nobody slept, we all waited for the clock to hit 12 o'clock midnight.

At 11:30PM, they were all outside with me, playing with the 'luses' (or luces) that I bought. We never used firecrackers or 'paputok.' Of course, I took their pictures too, as well as videoed some fireworks I can catch on sky.

When all the sparklers where consumed (past 12midnight), we all went inside to eat. As humble as our medya noche maybe, the kids seems to like what I have prepared for them. They ate the pancit canton up to the last noodle and vegetable bit. We also had a box of brownies which my mother gave to us.

We didn't have games, but we had fun. We were all together as we waited for the new year to come. And together, we will always be for the years to come.

Happy New Year to everyone.

More pictures will uploaded in my multiply account.


cyndirellaz said...

my new years been boring for the first time ever siguro dahil wala ako sa pinas! mas gusto ko ang new eyar sa pinas, although di rin kami nagpapaputok (lusis lang din), enjoy kami kasi maingay ^^ happy new year (belated)!!

Roy said...

Happy new year too cyndirellaz!

thanks for dropping by ;)

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