Thursday, April 02, 2009


It's the first week of the fourth month of the year... Yup! It's now the second quarter of the year, I would say, it's income tax season, but since I'm not employed, what do I care?

Obviously, I'm blabbering again... with nothing to say and no particular REFLECTIONS in mind. Honestly, right now as the title suggests, I am pressured.

Pressured about what? A lot of things.

For one, pressured to keep this blog updated and active. I've been at my other blogs and have no problem keeping them updated. After all, I have just to seek for the news, add my thoughts to it, a little humor here, some fire there... and voila! One blog post!

Unfortunately, I can't do that here. At the most is, to relate the news to the things that's happening in my life right now... hmmm, there's a thought.

But that's not reflections. The worst I can do to this blog is pollute it with posts that don't really have anything to do with my reflections... although I admit to doing it... but then again, I really don't get to do it much often lately.

Anyway, I do have a lot of ideas 'in the pipeline' for this blog... lots of things happening lately, I just can't put them into words... I don't know why.

I guess, I blabbered enough... and I think this can already count for a blog post... for the meantime.


Mel Alarilla said...

"Cast your cares to the Lord and He will sustain you, He will never let the righteous fall"(Psalm 55:22). Let the Lord put order and peace into your life. Just surrender everything to His care. Thanks for the post. God bless you.

Roy said...

Hi Mel,

thanks for dropping by and leaving your inspiring comments.

'appreciate them.

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