Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nothing to reflect about

It's midnight, and the month of March has officially ended, with me having only one post in my REFLECTIONS blog. Does it mean I don't reflect anymore? Or I don't have anything to write here?

REFLECTIONS being my first blog, and a very personal one, makes it hard for me to post just about anything.

I usually post here sentiments, frustrations, or any personal events that's happening to me lately. I am actually planning to write a lot here, I just don't know why I couldn't get to it.

I planned to write about my son Edgar's 14th birthday, but we didn't celebrate it, and let it passed just like an ordinary day, which leave me nothing to write about it.

Ralph has let me climb the stage for the first time, as he received his certification for being in the Dean's List last semester. Then again, there was no celebration either.

Angel's class just ended... and that's it. Her class card will be issued next week. Until then, nothing's new with her.

About me, aside from being in front of the computer for almost 20 hours per day, nothing's really happening.

Perhaps nothing will ever will.


zorlone said...

Really? Nothing's going on? He he he. Okay, you got me, the irony of it all is that all of those events that passed didn't inspire you...

I hope things are back to normal now.


Roy said...

Hi Zorlone!

Thanks for dropping by

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