Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Don't forward that e-mail

I am very thankful, no - I am blessed! Everytime I received e-mails that tells of inspiring stories that are either quoted from the Bible or from real life events of some people.

However, I frown when somewhere down the end of message is a line that says "send/forward to 5 (or 10) of your friends..." with different motivations for you to do so.

Sometimes it comes with a threat, "...or else bad luck would fall on you." With stories even of some people who broke the chain and suffered tragic events in their lives.

Sometimes it comes with a promise, " three days, something great will come to you!" or " three days, your wish will be granted," and yet again with stories of people who were blessed with great riches because they forwarded the message.

There are times that it only says, "...if you are not ashamed of God and in showing your love for Him..." which can really hit the conscience .

There are some which contains all of those, plus other conditions and reasons for forwarding the message.

Faith is a personal thing, I don't a need a chain e-mail to tell me how to prove my love for God. I am not ashamed to speak of my faith (or lack of it), of how I succumb to temptations that came into my life, and how I am saved by our loving and forgiving God.

I personally do not believe too that "wishes" and prayers are granted because of a simple act of forwarding a chain e-mail. God does not give us every wishes, but He provides us with everything that we need. He answers all prayers... in His own way, and in His own time.

And if I may add, just in case we are not aware of it, "NO" is also an answer.

Lastly, and this is were I find fault the most, the message asks us to forward it to our friends... and yet, with the threat or curse that comes with it, in effect, aren't we sending threats and cursing the recipient of the message who are supposed to be our friend?

This maybe trivial to some, but it is something that has been bothering me even before there was internet and they came in the form of chain letters.

Like I said, I am thankful when I read those beautiful and inspiring stories... but I do not like forwarding them. Especially when they come with the messages stated above.

The most that I would do is post them on my blogs and add some points or instances where they relate to my personal life.

That way, people may read them, and may also be blessed... less the curse, promises and conditions... just plain stories that inspires.

I don't like to sound too imposing, but please don't forward that e-mail... for the wrong reason.


Snow said...

I am not really into chain emails. What's important to me is that I pray.

Hi Kuya Roy! Have a nice weekend! ^_^

Jan said...

If those emails bearing that kind of warning are true I'd be dead by now, or visited upon by the foulest luck in the world one can conceive. Because I don't follow them. I may not have seen it coming - at first I thought it was a good message, but when I get to the warning part, I normally stop reading.

Whoever sent this email just lost my interest. And it doesn't help that the sender is a friend or online buddy. This is just how I operate.

I'm glad I'm not alone in this. No offense meant to friends, but I'd rather receive an original note from you. Not generic messages you've not obviously not have given a lot of thought.

I'm relieved. hahaha. Nice one. Maybe we should build a club of sorts. :)

Word verification: hauxua

How fitting! :)

Roy said...

hahaha... I was lost at 'hauxua'

does it mean something in other languages? :)

thanks for the comment Jan!

Shu Fen said...

haha! I SO AGREE WITH YOU! ^^ i only forward emails when i really find them nice! i hate being told what to do XD

Roy said...

thanks Shu Fen!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

I agree with you Roy. Chain emails are liked chain letters. They promise grandiose results and threaten dire consequences for those who would accede by them or reject them altogether. Chain emails are the result of egoistic minds who just want to see the result of their manipulation of other people who are gullible. It's just a mind's game just like witchcraft or voodoo and thrive on the power of autosuggestion. Those who indulge in them will be forever prisoners of their own fears. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

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