Saturday, February 28, 2009

Going to church can cause you to sin?

Yesterday, we attended the anticipated mass in the church near our house. I always want to go to church early... and early we were that there were still few people who are inside.

My kids and I finally settled on one of the long chairs... and quietly waited for the mass to start. While waiting, I can't help but notice a lot of things.

Some people were talking inside, as if they were seated in a park bench... unmindful that they are in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

On the opposite side, I noticed two men attending the mass in shorts! No matter that they were long ones, six-pockets, signature and all, they're still short pants are definitely not the proper attire to wear in attendance to the Holy Eucharist.

A little farther, and almost near the window, what I saw even bothered me... two lovebirds whispering to each other and giggling... with occasional PDA, and yes, they were a young a couple.

Finally, the priest approached the altar and the celebration started. As if on cue, while we were singing the opening hymn, people started coming inside the church, and I said to myself "Why do these people want to be late for the mass?"

The celebration proceeded, although thoughts of the things I've seen never really left my consciousness... not that I believe what they were doing was wrong, but that I felt I have committed a sin by going to church... I judged people.

Does that mean that I should stop going to mass altogether to avoid committing these sins? That only proves the devil have won.

I would definitely continue going to church... and pray even harder that I would avoid judging people and remember that the celebration is a communion of people who gather together to praise, worship and thanks God.


ikang said...

have you gotten across the book CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD? highly suggested, not a self help book but an enlightenment about our true relationship with God.

Roy said...

haven't heard about it yet... but I will definitely look for it. sounds a like a good book.

thanks ikang!

philipb said...

me myself is always looking around how the people do, instead of these things happening i just diverted these directly to GOD and my Family, it reallty distract us on listening and attending the mass...but thats the culture we are having now...

we do not even have respect on GOD,


now if you go out of the country where you can only visit the church once a year maybe. or it is non-Christian country... you will feel the difference.

you will feel you will miss GOD.

and closer because out of these distracting people at the church it brings me closer to GOD.

this thing changes me...

+ + + + + +

we, Filipino are exagerrated people.. even American's or Europeans dont go to church like that, they are more liberated than us, but they are punctual, and minding other not to distract people.

Thanks Roy for opening this topic,
you have a so called "creative mind".

Jena Isle said...

You have acted "Christ-like" , not to be a pompous prig-self righteous and all knowing. Christ was never judgmental ,remember how He forgave the Widow who committed adultery?"

a VERY enlightening article. Keep posting.

Roy said...

@ Philip

thanks for visiting my REFLECTIONS too.

@ Jena

Thank you very much for the encouragement.

Jan said...

Did you notice people busy with their mobile phones inside the church - perhaps texting? Did you see people sending tweets from inside the church? Brace yourself. They just might or have done so already.

A time and place for everything. People can be so feeble-minded sometimes.

Roy said...

yes, i've seen them. perhaps they think that as long as they keep their phones in silent mode, they are already doing right.

Elyong said...

I really don't mind what people are wearing at church. Instead i always mind what i would wear so that i may not distract others at church when they see me.

Roy said...

that is another way of looking at it, and I should say it is in fact a better one.

thanks Elyong

Mos and Nikou said...

Nice reflection.

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