Monday, February 23, 2009


I am not much of a talker, I really cannot express myself vocally. Maybe that's why I resorted to writing, because in writing I have time to collect my thoughts... and weave them into threads of words that would best express my feelings and sentiments for the moment.

That's why I developed a passion for writing.

I started with poems... verses that rhymed... with syllables that seem to have a uniform count like they were following a beat... I was fulfilled.

Albeit, these were confined in my notebooks, where nobody can read them.

I discovered blogging... and those verses started to form into pharagraphs as I found more ways to express my thoughts better... and I am fulfilled.

I thought I was a good writer.

Some say, I make them cry... some say I inspire them... while some even say I make them laugh... I guess, that makes me writer.

This made me even wanting to write more... to share more... that's why I have so many blogs.

I have no problem putting all those words together... I felt it was my destiny... to write.

And write I did.

I never knew I will get tired...

but I did...


but that is just for people who work! I'm not working! I'm just writing!

but what why do I feel tired?

why are words hard to come by lately?

where is the fire that burns inside?

is it going to die?

No! I don't want to... I want to keep on writing... even if I have to force myself...

it's the only thing that I can do... it's the only thing I do.

but why do I feel tired?


Mel Alarilla said...

Hi Roy,
Even professional writers have the so called writer's burnout. Just relax and play with your kids and the inspiration to write will come again. Try to bring your kids to a nature park or some place where the scenery is good. You will have a good bonding experience with them and you will feel relax and be able to write again. Another thing is, you must have a purpose for writing as you must try to find your own purpose in life. Try reading the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. You must be pressured that is why you are temporarily losing that desire to write. Learn to relax and find someone you can talk to, with whom you can vent your problems and frustrations in life. Why not talk to Jesus and cast all your cares to Him for He cares for you? Thanks for your post. God bless you always.

Jena Isle said...

It's a normal occurrence Roy - a normal physiologic process, don't worry. We are not machines so we get tired. Solution, we get away for a while, take a respite , even if it's only for an hour or for a few minutes.

I usually gain my relaxation from writing. It is my passion and I thrive in it. Sometimes my eyes fail me though , so I take some rest listening to music or I just sleep, then I'll be refreshed again.

I don't force myself to think about topics to write. If this is the case, then I won't anymore enjoy writing.

I write whenever I feel like it, and almost always I feel like that make sense?) Just relax and the muse will be there in no time at all.

Btw, why don't you visit helium and browse on the hundreds of titles they have, you'll also earn in the process. Zorlone is nearing pay out already.

See you there and cheers.

Roy said...

thanks Mel and Jena!

I'm happy for Zorlone. I wish I can understand Helium's system so I can appreciate it better. anyway, i'm trying. thanks.

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