Thursday, September 03, 2009

I adopted another "baby"

I can't believe it! I adopted a new "baby" and now there's an addition to the family!

I named him Benz, from Benjie, the boy who was looking for his mother in the latest story on my Short Stories Blog.

While Angel and I were in the public jeepney on our way to her school, she saw Benz on the side of the street wandering all by himself. She took pity because he was so small and all alone. She wanted me to get him and take him home so we could take care of him. He seems so fragile when we saw him.

If only Angel won't be late, we could have gotten off the jeepney and took him right away.

On my way back, I went to the place where we saw him... he was gone. The place where we saw him was in front of an office and I saw a security guard at the side... and behind him, in the corner I saw the dog.

I asked him if it was his and he said no, he just found him there when he came in. Apparently somebody left the dog there. Then I asked him if he would take care of the dog, if not, I'll take him home so we can take care of him... as I promised Angel.

Luckily, he gave the dog to me.

As I picked him up, he was shaking... either from the cold or from fear or both... but I whispered him not to worry, he will be taken care of.

When I arrived home, Ralph, my eldest, immediately took care of him. We gave Benz milk and Ralph tended to him while he was eating/drinking. He would whine whenever he is left alone. So Ralph stayed with him for a while.

Here he is, staying right beside my son Ralph

I can't wait 'til Angel gets home from school and find Benz... my only problem right now, I don't think I have baby-ready Chuchi... she's outside the house now, while Benz, because of his size is staying inside for a while.


Angel Cuala said...

My daughter loves to pick up kittens and stray cats, and I allow her to do so as long as she knows her responsibility as a pet owner.

For me, being kind to animals means that you are also a good person.


Roy said...

Thank you very much Sir Angel!

indeed, taking care of pets can a big responsibility for children

Jena Isle said...

Hello Roy, Gandhi said the morality of a nation is reflected upon how its animals are treated..something to that effect.

Being kind to animals reflects the way you would treat people.

But to be safe Roy, you have to give him an anti-rabies shot, especially that he is a stray dog.

Roy said...

thanks Jena

will definitely do that

Fatherlyours said...

Kailan ang binyag?sehophe

Roy said...

hehe... tapos na Sir Mon, simple lang ;)

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