Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A willing loser

Yes, I am willing to be the loser
I knew from the start I’m not meant for you
Yet I was stubborn and still took my chance
Hoping that somehow I could reach your heart
Because no other love will do for me

And even if I knew there is no chance
For me to be able to reach your heart
Hoping that you will see how true I am
Off’ring you a love to last a lifetime
Even if I knew it’s not meant to be

Tomorrow I know t’will be just the same
Playing this game where I’ll be the loser
If it has to be, I’ll treasure the pain
I will love you just the same... forever
Even if your love will never be me

August 17, 2010
9:56 pm
Angeles City

*reply to the poetry challenge by Jena Isle, a Jenanian verse about “a love that cannot be


jan geronimo said...

Forever is too long a time to love someone who can't love you back. Surely we deserve a better fate than that? :)

Roy said...

but such is the test of true love, Jan... the passage of time. Senseless, I know... but then again, don't we all lose our logic when we fall in love

jena isle said...

Ang galing mo, Jenanian na Jenanian...talagang it suits you to be lang po. Parang feel na feel ko ang nararamdaman ng author...di bale Roy, isipin mo na lang , na pag ukol, bubukol..kahit ano pa ang gawin mo... Kaya sit tight ka lang diyan, darating din ang para sa iyo.

Roy said...

just trying to meet the challenge, Jen... and my aim of "writing it all down"

Thanks for appreciating

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